12 Tips to Buy a Hot Dog Cooker

12 Tips to Buy a Hot Dog Cooker

A buyer while going for any of the types of hot dog cookers, may it be any of the Steamers, Rollers or Broilers can consider the following tips to help with decision making:

  1. The one with a complete cooking temperature range i.e. from low to high which can help in making hot dogs in accordance with the available time.
  2. Cookers having a bun storage container can be easy and handy.
  3. Grills that have optimum functionality for making any or all types of hot dogs, similarly there are options where one can make bacon-wrapped hot dogs, regular sausage or even kielbasa.
  4. The ones that are easy to clean can be a blessing as the drip tray is normally what gets dirty real quick and if other parts can disassembled and cleaned, can prove to be helpful.
  5. Space factor is another option that needs to be looked at therefore bulky cookers can be kept as a second choice for normal to moderate use.
  6. May cookers available in the market these days may have all the options and features however are noisy hence a proper balance can be kept while making a final choice…
  7. Stainless steel cookers are good for long term usage. As they are not prone to rust and can be cleaned with water more often compared to the regular or less priced options.
  8. If buying steamers, one should ensure that the device is adequately and properly sealed especially the drain valves and water tanks as any leakage can prove to be dangerous.
  9. Brand does count when it comes to any electronic product, one may find cheap items in the market however not necessarily all of them are equally good. Therefore while making a choice, one can go for an option with moderate features and a slightly higher price instead of an option with more features but moderate to less price…
  10. Skid-proof rubber feet can be considered as well. This helps in decreasing chances of the cooker falling therefore avoiding injury/burns or the sausage and buns getting wasted.
  11. Automatic ones running on electricity are always a good choice.
  12. The ones that come with a lid can help ensure that not only are the hot dogs cooked faster but also the aroma and taste remain intact for a long time if you choose the right hot dog cooker.

Hot dogs are really loved by food lovers and many people love to make them on their own. Here I present you with 5 best commercial rollers for making delicious hot dogs.

  1. Roller Dog Commercial 30 Hot Dog Roller
  2. Great Northern 18 Hot Dog Machine
  3. Hot Dog Express Hot Dog Cooker
  4. Waring Pro HDG150 Hot Dog Griller

1 – Roller Dog Commercial 30 Hot Dog Roller

It is of commercial quality prepared by stainless steel. Its rollers don’t stick and can be rotated to 360 degrees. It has a light to indicate and let know when the rollers are heated. A variety of foods can be cooked by roller dog commercial 30 hot dog roller.

It has a drip tray which is also stainless hence is also easy to clean. 30 hot dogs can be cooked at the same time. It consumes a power of 1650W whereas a voltage of 110V/60Hz. Its grill is of 23″ L x 18 3/4″ W x 8″ H dimension whereas tray of 17-3/4″ L x 17″ W.

2 – Great Northern 18 Hot Dog Machine

It is a masterpiece created by The Great Northern Popcorn Company. It is used by convenience stores, gas station mini-marts, as well as by people at home hence proving that this item can be used commercially as well as by home makers.

Great Northern 18 Hot Dog Machine is made from stainless in order to make its cleaning easy and convenient. Its rollers are driven by gear instead of chains so it doesn’t makes noise. It consists of a heavy motor with temperature control assuring the product to be safe. It operates on 110V/60Hz and is approved by CE.

3 – Hot Dog Express Hot Dog Cooker

It is also made from stainless steel. The cooking depends on the sizes of hotdogs. It can make up to 8-12 hotdogs at a time. It can be plugged into any standard socket. Its dimensions are 6.80″L x 12″W x 8.75″H.

4 – Waring Pro HDG150 Hot Dog Griller

It has nonstick rollers and is entirely made from stainless steel. Its drip pan is not dishwasher friendly so should be cleaned by hands. Non-stick utensils should be used in order to ensure a long life of the machine.

It has four rollers and weighs 7.7 pounds and it makes 6 hot dogs at a time but it comparatively has a longer cooking time.

To see a collection of all these and more hot god rollers, please visit HotDogR.


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