2 Most Common Plumbing Issues at Home

2 Most Common Plumbing Issues at Home

It is strange that someone decides to renew their pipes without detecting any problems before. The pipes that carry the water and the residues of our house usually work invisibly, so most of the time we do not realize if there is a problem in the plumbing installation until we find a fault. The point is that if it is a leakage and we do not perceive that the water has lost pressure, the plumbing job can be very expensive, something that we are often not aware of until the bill arrives.

As if this were not enough, the leaks can end up accumulating on the floor, walls and foundations of the house, causing the walls to deteriorate quickly and favoring the appearance of mold that can make the house become uninhabitable. That is why if we first detect the problem, the plumbing budget can be much lower.

Clogged Drains

The jam in the pipes is one of the most frequent plumbing issues. A stuck toilet may only need a plunger to fix the problem. However, if we cannot fix it, it means that inside the pipes there is more waste than we thought. This problem can usually be prevented by being careful of what we throw into the drain, especially in the kitchen sink through which food remains.

But if we already have the problem over and we have not managed to solve it with a plunger, it is time to find a plumber to unclog a drain. And the problems of more serious clogging usually require not only changing the pipe, but in many cases also need to open the floor or the wall. This will increase the budget of plumbing irremediably. Obviously more time and effort are needed causing greater price.

Septic Problems

Problems in the septic tank literally stink. If your toilet is stuck and it is a septic problem, the first thing you should do is keep your family away from the drain and immediately call an emergency plumber. The issue is that being an emergency plumber, the plumbing budget will surely be much higher than if you can wait for a few days. However, it is the best option, since you will prevent the problem from getting worse and you will be protecting your family. And it is that wastewater can contaminate groundwater and fill it all with bacteria.

In some cases it will be enough to fix the jam, but in others the solution will be more complex and will have to change the pipe completely. In any case, the solution of calling an emergency plumber acts quickly before a small problem becomes something more serious and more expensive.


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