3 Best Exercises for Women to Stay in Perfect Shape

3 Best Exercises for Women to Stay in Perfect Shape

There are exercises which have proven to be the fastest way to burn calories and excess fat and to stay in perfect shape. You do not need a gym to practice them, which will save time and money. Fortunately, we know a few things certain that can be performed while reshaping your curves. In addition to choose smart foods, healthy diet and sufficient sleep at night, you must remain active throughout the day.

1 – Squats

The simplicity of this exercise can make you think that it is not effective enough. If you think so, you are dead wrong. This is one of the best exercises to burn extra fat. This exercise increases the heart rate, improves health and increases metabolism. Your body starts to consume oxygen intensely, as we all know, oxygen is the best fat burner.

This powerful exercise strengthens the buttocks of yours. You can modify this exercise with jumping after each squat and make it even harder by holding the dumbbells. The increased resistance burns more calories. If your work is mostly sedentary, then this exercise is for you.

2 – Jumping Rope

When was the last time you did this sport? It was probably many years ago when you were was still a child. This is one of the cheapest equipment but it is equally effective like all the professional machines typically found in a gym. Buy a skipping rope and enjoy it anywhere and anytime. This activity does not require more space or special time. You can practice it with your kids having lots of fun.

3 – Pushups

This exercise is not an easy task to perform and this is the reason why most people avoid doing it. But, as they say, no pain no gain! You should make pushups a regular routine and see what wonders it can do to your body. There are numerous types of pushups that are intended to work for different muscles.

In addition to the top of the body, it flexes the core works also strengthens your cardiovascular system to positively influence your position. In order to not get enough of pushups, learn some different styles and practice it 3 to 4 times a week. When you are quite comfortable with these exercises, you will actually have a lot of fun when you perform them, especially if you have company of your friends, but so not start gossiping and leave exercise. 


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