3 Best Wood Routers in 2020

3 Best Wood Routers in 2020

It is a woodworking kit and an equipment which is extremely useful along with being versatile as well as handy. It is an essential tool for your workshop. It is useful and helpful for professional use and vice versa. With the help of the best machine, you will be able to cut out slots and the grooves along with creating the moldings as well as carving customized designs. A variety of the woodworking can be done with these devices which are designed to perfection. In order to purchase this equipment following is the list of 5 best wooden routers which will make the selection easy and less time-consuming:

1 – The Dewalt DWP611PK 1.25 HP

This kit is absolutely easy and handy to use. It is a good combination of power along with the ease of usage. With the help of this machine various woodworking tasks can be done easily without any problem. Maximum visibility is provided when work is being done with the help of a LED light. The 1-1/4 horsepower motor of the device is very powerful and strong with variability in its speed. It is one of the strongest equipment in its class.

It has a solid and strong motor. For little changes, there is an option of auto collet release. This equipment has handles for easy and comfortable plunging. The plunge action of the machine is smooth. It has the most powerful router which comes at this price.

2 – The Porter Cable of 7538

The Porter Cable 7538 Speedmatic is designed and built by the manufacturers in order to match the professional standards with a powerful and tough plunge. It comprises of a strong 15-amp motor. This machine was given five stars as it is perfection. It has a solid a heavy duty motor. This machine can easily make small changes and it is handy and easy to use.

3 – Bosch 1617EVSPK

The Bosch 1617EVSPK has a router which is fixed to the base and its speed varies. The Bosch 1617EVSPK has advanced features which make the usage easy and efficient for the user. This machine has a horsepower of 2-1/4 with a variation in speed which ranges from 8,000 to 25,000 RPM. The speed of the machine stays constant with a smart response circuitry, with which cutting is smooth and efficient.

You can also find some fixed based routers, as you must choose the equipment which is actually helpful for carrying out the tasks.

Technology is like the sunlight that is equal for everyone, everyone around the globe can take help and advantage from it, but it depends that how they will use it to make things better and advanced. Like everything else in the field of wood carving and craft technology have made things perfect for the woodworkers by introducing the wood routers. The routers are the advanced level tool that helps the woodworkers to give their products a new face and do all the creative things to them with perfection.

These are used for cutting, molding, designing and much more. In short, these tools help them to have the perfect piece of art and take their skills to the next level of innovation. Out of numerous brands and models, some best wood routers 2016 are discussed here let you have the view of perfectly assembled tools for your next purchase in the year. More of these you can find out at the thereviewgurus.com.

1 – The Festool 574342 OF 1400 EQ Router

The Festool 574342 is a very handy machine. The creation of dust is one of the most common and huge problem faced by the woodworkers which is prevented by the Festool 574342. It has a powerful motor. For durability the Festool 574342 has an aluminum housing which guarantees an all-round performance. It has a powerful motor of 11.7 amp which is designed for handling tough applications. It has a power rating of 1400 watts. The Festool 574342 can be used by professionals as well as beginners as it is not at all difficult to operate.

2 – Bosch 1617EVSPK Variable Speed

When you are looking for a wood router with both fixed and plunge base then Bosch 1617EVSPK is the best option for you. It is convenient in handling and shifting it from fixed to plunge base easily, in the beginning, you might have to face a little bit of difficulty, but once you are comfortable with it then you can go ahead easily. The 12-amp motor lets you handle all the hard work easily and the soft start with variable speed lets you have the soft work with it easily. It provides you the handy and easily adjustments according to your work nature and cover a wide range of working requirements on its own. It does have some of the reservations in its own but gives you the ultimate utility and working freedom as well.

These 3 are the best in market right now, you can choose one best wood router for yourself easily from them


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