3 General Fallacies about Leather Conditioner for Furniture

3 General Fallacies about Leather Conditioner for Furniture

Did you know that some manufacturers say that the sales of leather furniture dramatically shot up in the last five years? You would think that the main reason is that more people are learning to appreciate leather furniture now than before. But your theory is wrong. Some manufacturers say that because of ignorance people don’t know how to concern themselves about leather conditioner for furniture that they end up destroying their leather furniture.

What you should know about leather conditioner for furniture will save you your favorite leather pieces for a lifetime. Here’s how.

Do you know that most leather conditioners in the market today are too strong for your leather furniture? Unless you are overly dependent on these professionals who clean and maintain these kinds, you are in the dark about leather conditioner for furniture and there is no hope for yours to last long. Let’s identify those fallacies and know what to do with them.

The First Fallacy

Using commercial waxes and oil. Other than maintaining and cleaning your leather furniture by dusting it with dry cloth, buffing it with commercial waxes or oils is not acceptable. Waxes contain strong chemical that would instead harm your leather than help it. Leather conditioner for furniture should pamper the leather and not dry it up like waxes and oils do.

The Second Fallacy

Using strong cleaning materials on your leather furniture. When it comes to leather conditioner for furniture, the best rule is the milder the better. Using the lather of a mild baby soap, damp a non-lint cloth or chamois with warm water mixed with a drop of vinegar. Ratio would be 1 liter water to a drop of vinegar. Wipe this to your furniture making sure not to soak the leather. Let it dry.

The Third Fallacy

Using a leather conditioner for furniture as often as you want. We must remember that leather was once an animal’s skin. Applying commercial chemical based wax is like ripping off natural oils in your own skin. Therefore, it is a must to stay as natural as you could by reading the labels of your chosen leather conditioner for furniture. The simplest tool is using the petroleum jelly to soften the leather and buff it with all natural leather conditioner for furniture once every month only.

Now you know how to take care of get your leather, so pamper your leather furniture and keep it safe and shinier for longer period.


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