3 Helpful Guidelines to Clean the Offices

3 Helpful Guidelines to Clean the Offices

The owners or managers of offices are aware of the need to keep their facilities in perfect condition, so in one way or another, they solve this need or with the personnel hired directly to perform the cleaning and maintenance, or by delegating this service to one of the many professional cleaning companies.

Between these two options, the first one, that is to hire directly the cleaning staff, may not be totally effective, since it will force to dedicate a care and time in the follow-up and instructions to a responsible one and even in many cases, they will also require the purchase of machinery for some tasks.

Whatever your case, in this post, we will explain the best tips and tricks for cleaning offices, always aiming to achieve a comprehensive cleaning of your work space.

Clean Office Furniture

For the cleaning of tables, chairs, and melamine cabinets, or other resistant and non-absorbent materials, a solution of water and detergent with neutral pH can be used, applying it with a microfiber cloth.

Furniture with natural wood and plywood surfaces should be cleaned with specific products that nourish the material and prevent deterioration.

Depending on the characteristics of each surface, vacuum cleaners can also be used to achieve the highest efficiency and best results, which also save time and products.

Disinfect Electronic Devices

Be careful with the technological equipment of an office as they require a specific and special cleaning. The computer or TV screens are very sensitive to touch and need to be cleaned with certain products.

The keyboards, mice and headphones are pockets of contagious diseases such as colds or viruses, so they should be cleaned with a cloth that is practically dry or very damp with some product that is not harmful. For example, we advise using deodorized isopropyl alcohol which is also known as isopropanol or IPA as it is used as a generic disinfectant cleanser for the sensitive locations and elements.

Be Aware of All Surfaces

It is important to pass a damp cloth trapped on all surfaces of desks, shelves and furniture in general whenever cleaning is carried out in the office. Do not forget that the dust can stick to the walls. The tables and the shelves usually have melanin and the cleaning technique most suitable to sanitize is to use water and soap with a microfiber cloth. If the furniture is wooden, it is advisable to use special products to avoid sprays of wax and silicone.


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