3 Options for the Top Cigar Lighters

3 Options for the Top Cigar Lighters

Cigars lighters vary in functions for the reason that different brands have different features. Only smart looking doesn’t matter in the case of cigar lighters, but what matters is the functioning ability. The smart looking one is just for the luxury purpose.

Cigar burners are used for burning of the cigars. Each cigar user is different from another user, so are the preferences in cigars. They are available in different tastes and they are also available in varieties. Different branded cigar lighters are available in markets with advanced features. Some smokers like lightweight, easy to handle, stylish, colored burners and some like simple ones. Here we will have a look at the top cigar lighters.

Bugatti Ceo Back Premium Triple Flame Cigar

Some companies offer multiple features in a single product and form those companies Bugatti Lighter is one. This is ultra-high end lighter with triple flame on its top. This lighter has a punch cutter and it is durable product. It is available in black color and it has a large fuel tank in it. Its tank has more capacity of storing fuel which lasts for long time. This product is light in weight just 3.2 ounce and it has a fuel window through which you can know how much fuel is there and when it needs refilling. It is low in price but high performance with long life span.

Rocky Patel Diplomat

For consumers willing to dole more money into the torch lighter, can be satisfied by the Rocky Patel. It offers a premium package with a brilliant metal finish that leaves nothing left to be desired. Its functionality is also markedly improved with five flames in place of one or the three in the Scorch Torch. It also bears three types of cigar hole punches depending on diameter of the cigar. Its main giving away point is its large size, 6 inches, which is a little too much for a torch lighter which you want to carry everywhere. However, it is still the kind of thing you may want to show off to your friends.

New Lotus 42-Dark Blue- Wedge Triple Wind Resistance Torch Flame

This lotus brand has a fuel window in it for proper checking of fuel inside the fuel tank. It has torch flame and it is resistible to winds. This comes with cigar punch of 8mm with it. This product has a big burning flame which is good for burning larger ring cigars.

With the advancement of technology, cigar lighters have also taken revolutionary turns. They have gone from mere flame producing devices to multiple functionality gadgets that can satisfy many needs of the user. First of all, you need to know what a cigar lighter is and how it works.

A cigar torch lighter consists of a fuel source, an ignition mechanism, and a process which moves the fuel to the ignition sequence resulting in the flame. Disposable torch lighters usually pressurize the fuel in the reservoir producing vapors which reach the ignition sequence. Reusable lighters, however, use the same fuel without pressurizing it first. According to our analysis for the best torch lighter, the two of the best ones that can satisfy your needs are as follows;

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter

The best choice in terms of one that can fulfill your needs and will not cause a significant dent in your pockets. The Scorch Torch comes with a hard body which is durable and won’t break with any minor falls. The cheap price does not mean that you have to bear a cheap plastic body which can break upon contact with a hard object. It also includes a pouch as well as the standard cigar hole punch. The body is durable with a good grip on the sides. The flame is uniform, and can be modified to a three flame function to achieve better and uniform burning of the cigar tip. The flame is also resistant to light winds, but strong winds will take it out quite easily. Flipping the side switch will open the top cap releasing the flame. The butane fuel reservoir can be refilled, but the torch lighter package does not come with refills so you will have to buy them yourselves.

Rocky Patel Diplomat

This is a premium category torch lighter with a price tag that can actually make a dent in your pocket. However, it offers the facilities that justify the price tag. The body of the lighter is of premium metal with a feel that leaves no doubt of its quality. Contrary to the scorch torch, it offers five flames, a significant improvement to the three flames of the scorch torch. It also holds a cigar hole puncher with an option for three sizes. Its size is almost double that of the scorch torch, so it is not as pocket friendly as its competitor.

I know that you are not happy with all the mentioned options, so you must go at the review gurus in order to know about the best torch lighter.


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