3 Recipes to Make Your Own Toothpaste

3 Recipes to Make Your Own Toothpaste

Preparing at home a natural toothpaste is very simple and inexpensive and protects you from toxic chemicals and substances used in its commercial toothpaste such as fluorine or petroleum.

Have you noticed that commercial products have a range of alternatives? Tea tree oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, chamomile and other sources of dental health are exploited by traders, but they include ineffective extracts or chemical equivalents whereas to make your paste at home, you can use the best quality of natural products.

Here I share three recipes that you can use for your dental cleaning, which protect your mouth, your economy and the environment.

1 – Lemon Toothpaste

All you need is the following items;

  • 1/4 cup yeast
  • 2 tablespoons lemon scratch
  • 2 teaspoons salt

You simply mix the ingredients and store in an airtight container to keep in good condition. You can also improve the recipe with about 20 drops of tea tree oil for its disinfectant qualities and you can grind herbs that give a better flavor and freshness. Try adding eucalyptus, peppermint, chamomile, peppermint, myrrh and sage all of which help fight germs that cause bad breath. You can also make your own combinations to achieve your favorite flavor.

Paste of Bicarbonate

This paste is easy to prepare and best done fresh instead of storing. Having baking soda in the bath will also help eliminate odors and moisture control, but ensure that when you use it to clean your teeth, it is properly closed.

You will need the following items;

  • 1 tablespoon granulated sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • A drop of an essential oil; you can use orange, cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus to make a good aroma and leverage its antiseptic qualities.
  • Water to form a paste (you can substitute hydrogen peroxide, but do not use with children because they can swallow it.

Mix ingredients to create a crumbly dough. Although it is an excellent paste for your oral health, using it several times a day can wear down the enamel. You can reserve it for heavy meals, especially if you eat sugar or drink wine, coffee or other substances that stain teeth. This paste can help against the effects of smoking.

Cloves for Sensitive Teeth

This homemade recipe contains cloves, which is not only a powerful antiseptic, it fights inflammation and pain. Many products containing oral problems have clove, even you can chew it to relieve a toothache. This recipe contains glycerin present in commercial toothpaste and you can also add essential oil of cloves if you prefer.

You will need the following items;

  • Boil one tablespoon of ground cloves in half a cup of water until the water is reduced to half. Filter and wait for it to cool.
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil or any other oil.
  • A cup of green or white clay
  • 1/4 cup glycerin

Mix the water, glycerol and slowly add the clay into the mixture. Use less clay if you reach the desired consistency. Add coconut oil at the end and store in an airtight refractory. You can improve the taste with some scratch citric, vanilla or cinnamon.

Forget the commercial pastes that contrary to what they promise, damage the enamel and wear teeth. So now make your own toothpaste and smile naturally and complement it with regular visits to best dental clinic in Dubai.

Having a good smile is desired by everyone that signifies the role and importance of cleaning teeth regularly while it is also good for health. But we advance in the age, our teeth begin to darken and weaken and this process often occurs more rapidly for different reasons such as the ones mentioned below;

  • By taking drinks like tea, coffee, red wine or other foods with a high ratio of dyeing content
  • Another cause of great importance is smoking, which can make teeth look yellow.
  • Tooth decay, fillings and tartar can contribute significantly to the discoloration of teeth.
  • If the nerves and blood vessels of the teeth are damaged by decay and the point is that they may remain hidden for much longer time.
  • A few sorts of stains may occur due to particular illness or use of medicines. For instance, there is a type of antibiotic namely ‘tetracycline’ which is given to kids whose teeth are still in the developmental process. Using tetracycline may result in yellowish or greenish look in their adulthood.

Preventive Actions

Among the preventive measures that you can use to improve the appearance of discolored teeth include the following options;

  • Check and confirm healthy appearance of your teeth and remove accumulated tartar.
  • Follow the guidelines on the prevention of caries.
  • Brush your teeth on a regular basis with proper method.
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks.
  • Reduce the consumption of beverages and foods with high levels of dyes.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you have already been a victim of teeth discoloration resulting in appearance of yellowish, greenish or brownish teeth, preventive measures are not enough to solve this issue. It is time to visit your dentist and get some treatment so that you can get your teeth whitened.

Possible Teeth Whitening Options

There is a variety of options available in this regard which is as follows;

  1. Toothpaste
  2. Tray, Gels & Strips
  3. In-office Bleaching
  4. Bleaching at Home
  5. Dental Cases
  6. Whitening Rinses

You can choose to whiten your teeth with any of the aforementioned options depending on the other dental issues. Out of these options, a few can be performed completely at home while some can be preformed at your dentist’s office only. In some teeth whitening options, you can get the process started at a dental clinic in Dubai and continue rest of the procedure at your home according to the prescribed instructions.


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