3 Useful Yoga Poses for Summer

3 Useful Yoga Poses for Summer

1 – Kapotasana (Pigeon Pose)

From the state dog-facing down, lift your right leg, bending the knee and bring it forward. Support it outside of your right hand, with shin parallel to the mat (or the opposite wall) or angle with your left hip, depending on your flexibility. The left leg is supported and stretched on the floor. Your hips should be square forward. Try to bring your torso forward, breathing and opening the hips. Return the dog-facing down and switch sides. You can put a cushion under the right buttock to maintain good hips square forward.

This pose opens the chest and hips, stretches the muscles of the thighs, back, and oxygenates the body, giving pace.

2 – Janu Sirsasana (Head-to-Knee Forward Bend)

Sit on the floor with legs stretched forward and back straight in Dandasana. Bend your right knee on the floor of the right to the inside of the left leg foot. Keep your left leg straight, foot flexed, and bend forward, keeping your chest open, toward the left leg (or leg is stretched). Pose your hands where arriving on the leg is stretched behind the foot if you reach without forcing too much, or the floor. Close your eyes and breathe. Low deeper into each exhalation.

This position is bending forward and as the asanas of this type stretch the muscles and calm the mind, your thighs relax and stop being tense and you are ready to run.

3 – Utkata Konasana (Goddess Pose)

Lie on your back with the relaxed and open mind with arms on each side of the body, palms also facing up. Bend your knees and open them on each side of the body, clasping soles. You can put a cushion under each knee if you prefer to support them. Close your eyes and rest and breathe deeply. Let your waist rests on the floor without arching your back. Please, check your body, seeking to relax tensions.

In each posture, breathe consciously and draw attention to the eyebrows, connect with your body and think about its benefits as it helps you keep your mind in the present moment and make soothing and meditative effect. This is a restorative posture, which gives us balance as well as wellbeing.


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