4 Best Choices for Cigar Lighters

4 Best Choices for Cigar Lighters

Choosing cigar is as important for you as your cigar is. For new cigar smokers, getting proper cigar taste is not that much easy task. They must get proper information of right lighter for right cigars. If your cigar is expensive and you don’t know about best quality cigar lighter, then it is worthless and you can never have a proper taste of a cigar. It is good to buy the high quality functional lighter for your cigars. Following are some companies which are offering lighters with multi features and best qualities.

1 – Visual Handle Triple Cigar Lighter

This has the high ability of fitting in your hand.  It is easy to refill and flame. This product is safe and it will keep you safe from hurting.  This is available with beautiful polished chrome body and black matte colors. It has the triple jet flame feature with wind resistance feature and its weight is 0.32 pounds.

2 – Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame

Lamborghini is a most popular brand of today’s world. If you are looking for the triple jet flame lighter then Toino Lamborghini Flame is best option for you.  This is available with triple flame feature. Triple flame means high burning flame which helps it in burning fast. This lighter has resistance ability towards wind so you can use it in any place. It is available in red and black color combination. This has butane fuel and its flame is strong and big in size like the flame of candle.

3 – Lotus Monarch Single Torch Cigar

If you want automatic cigar lighter then, Lotus Monarch single torch lighter is good enough for you. You just have to push for single time. This comes with single torch feature with strong flame. It is expensive but its design is beautiful. This lighter can be refill once it gets empty. This has wind resistance feature.

4 – XIKAR ELX 9mm Punch Chrome

This one by XIKAR is not too expensive and one can easily buy it. This cigar burner has punch feature in its base which is hidden. Butane fuel is used in it and it is available in double torch. It is easy to use and adjust and a wheel is present in it. There are very few products you can have in markets with lifetime warranty and this one is one of them. It has polished metal casing body with finishing.

Every experienced smoker comprehends that you cannot light a cigar without a lighter. These burners are fine to light cigarettes as well. The ones are wind-proof. In any case, they don’t offer a sufficiently intense fire to light one equally. These gas liquids are scentless and will light your cigar at a high temperature. It can burn up your cigar without influencing the taste. For smokers, picking the right one lighter is imperative. You would not have the capacity to get a better than average smoke from your cigar. That’s why it is imperative to discover lighters. These are made with the best materials. Else, you should purchase lighters from your neighborhood. The mediocre burners are quite better. These are useful and more lavish than whatever else available.

Tips To Find The Best One

Following are some tips which will give you info about how to find the best one.

  • You must check out the brand first.
  • Check out the designs of them.
  • Look at the prices of them as well.
  • After considering all the above three things, choose the one which is a good brand, stylish design and have a low price.

Best Lighter Brands

  • The impressive and best in our view are:
  • Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame
  • Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table
  • Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch with Punch
  • Rocky Patel Lighter Diplomat 5 Torch with Punch

Specialty lighters are just perfect and ideal for smokers. They are perfect particularly on a night out. You would prefer not to spoil away your outing to light your cigar. However, it is additionally troublesome for those going with you. If you utilize conventional, then you may experience this issue. The popular cigars lighting requires an unusual method. If you are sick with this system, you may be able to fire up your cigar in a short time. With the claim to specialty burners, this is not an issue. Specialty cigar lighters are much less demanding to utilize. Specialty burners design guarantees an appropriate smoldering at the time you smoke. Accordingly, your cigar will keep up both its fire and its taste for a long time.

Remember that even among specialty cigar lighters, not all things are identical. Most smokers understand that stuff. Because of this, smokers tend to stay with handheld burners which contain torches. These offer the best fire since they use propane or butane for their fuel. Different cigar lighters may utilize something other than what’s expected. The fire really blows in the wind. Windproof propane or butane ones never do this. When they are lit, their light keeps going uncertainly. Obviously, even among propane or butane lighters, there are a few contrasts. This way you can get the best one, as you need to get one that is the best one.


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