4 Helpful Tips to Find the Top Reloading Presses

4 Helpful Tips to Find the Top Reloading Presses

When the markets are flowing with competitors, it is not easy to make a decision of picking the products. All products have unique features, and you have to carefully consider every option to find out that one which is best suited to your needs and has favorable price.

When you intend to buy the top reloading press, remember that it has three basic types as one is simple stage press which is easy to handle, and the second is turret presses and the third is progressive presses. Here are some tips for you to buy the top reloading press.

1 – Powder Scale With Electronic and Balance Scale

Powder scales helps in measuring powder amount which is reloaded in the ammunition. Powder can be measured by two scales one is electronic scale which is faster but sensitive in use and sometimes have chances of electronic malfunctioning. Balance scales are simple and easy to use in comparison to electronic scales. Balance scale need much patience as it needs time to perform the task in but they are cheaper than the electronic one.

2 – Powder Measure, Powder Trickler and Powder Funnel

Electronic dispensers, Diappers, and bench mounted are measuring methods of powder. In these measuring methods the cheapest method is diaper and expensive one is electronic dispensers. In electronic dispenser fewer efforts are needed then others but its cost is higher. Powder tricklers used for powder charge and through powder funnel powder is poured from the scale to the brass.

3 – Case Tumbling, Case Polish and Ultrasonic Cleanser

They all are used for the cleaning of brass. Each way is different in nature from other. Case tumbling use walnut hall media or corn cob media for cleaning of the brass and they don’t need to wait for drying of the brass for reloading. Some tumbler use dry and liquid media which is costly. Case polish in comparison to case tumbling is cheap but it needs much time. In case polish brass can be reloaded once it is completely dried.

4 – Case Lube Quantity Matters a Lot

Lubrication is important for reducing frictions. Case lubes are different in forms and needed when resizing of the bottleneck is required. Case lube dies and pads, aerosol spray and case sizing wax are used with different ways. You must know how much the case lube is required, too much and low case lube can effect on the functioning of brass.

1 – Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit

All you have to do is drop the primer in, only with just a punch of button, so you get clean hands after the work. It has perfect value for the money that you are spending on it. If you are a beginner I strongly recommend you to buy this one. As it has every tool and accessory that you need in order to gain experience for reloading.

2 – Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Reloading

If you are willing to buy the accessories stand alone, you can do that also, as this brand is known to be one of the cheapest brands around, you better think about saving yourself some bucks. Here are some items included in it: reloading scale, Debur tools, powder measure and powder funnel, case lube kit, reloading manual, case loading block, uni flow powder measure and many others. Its price is low as compared to progressive machines

3 – Lyman Reloading Press T-Mag

It helps you die 6 bullets at once time, and within few minutes you can change the set, also it is very easy to rotate the turret, so you can easily add new set. You can roll in the next turret and fill that up, rather than taking out the old one and adding new stuff to make a new turret and bullet. It also comes with a good quality primer catcher that helps you if you do not know much about using a Reloading Press, in other words if you are a beginner in doing this work it will be great help for you.

4 – RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master 

It is very nice to operate and setup, so you are eligible to save a ton of time with this one. It also features a rod in its back, from which you can tighten or loosen it any time you like, so there is no need of another person to help you, you can use this Reloading Press on your own. I am now sure that you require to know about more models as that can help you to find the one that will suit you best. When I was willing to buy one, I went through around 20 reviews, and I have to say when I bought the one I have now I was so satisfied that I still use that one now. So I would suggest you to go through more reviews.


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