4 Issues, Causes and Solutions of Window AC

4 Issues, Causes and Solutions of Window AC

An air conditioner in a room is like the cooling system of an entire house in a small package. It has the same components, only reduced in size to cool only one room instead of an entire house. The air-conditioned room has components inside and outside.

Inside the house, there are components as;

  • Evaporator coil (which cools)
  • Fan that sends cool air into the room
  • Thermostat
  • A filter (usually foam)
  • Plastic front panel

There is a panel that separates these components found inside the house; the components located in the outside of the window. These outside components include;

  • Compressor
  • Condenser (which looks like a radiator)
  • Condenser fan (used to cool the condenser heat)
  • The moisture that condenses on the evaporator coil, which is a component of the interior, accumulates in the bottom of a metal tray and drips outwards through a hole or a drain tube.

All these components are contained in an organized fashion in a metal frame, a portion on the outside and another inside the window of your room. Now let’s look at some of the problems that you can find and how to solve them.

Problem 1

Water dripping from the front panel

Possible Causes

If you see that there is water dripping from air conditioning, this means one thing: the tray is not tilted outward, but inward of the house. Therefore, the condensed water from the evaporator coil slips into the house instead of going to the back of unit and out the drain.

Possible Solutions

Correct the position of the unit, so that it is inclined slightly down on the outside and the water runs to the outside of the house.

Problem 2

The air conditioning is switched on and off too frequently.

Possible Causes

There is something wrong with thermostat sensor or temperature sensor.

Possible solutions

  • Check the thermostat sensor to make sure it is positioned correctly, close to the evaporator coil without touching, carefully adjusting the cable.
  • Make sure that thermostat or any part of the front panel is not blocked by curtains.
  • Make the unit receives maintenance and if the operation continues to worsen, check if there are any small coolant leaks.
  • Make sure the condenser is not obstructed by plants and their fins are not damaged or bent severely. If they are crooked, you can repair them with comb capacitor.

Problem 3

The power does not turn on.

Possible Causes

It is not fully plugged in or circuit breaker is disconnected or the fuse is blown.

Possible solutions

  • While fixed, plug connection.
  • Reset circuit breaker.
  • Replace blown fuse.

Problem 4

The unit burns or blows the fuses or circuit breaker.

Possible Causes

Problems with the circuit size (amperes)

Possible Solutions

Most window air conditioners require 120 volts and can operate on a 15 amp circuit. However, some larger units may need its own circuit. If you share the circuit with the load of another device or appliance that works at the same time, it will damage the circuit. You need to install a 20 amp dedicated circuit to the window air conditioner.


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