4 Points To Perform Well In Your Owners Association

4 Points To Perform Well In Your Owners Association

I – Reduce Speed When You Try Important Topics

You may feel happy, passionate, angry or even afraid to deal with a particular topic. Remember that you are the president of the community. Your mood is not an excuse to try to finish the meeting as soon as possible. When you get to agenda items that are important to co-owners, slow down to let them understand you better. You will also convey confidence in them by stopping in the really important issues for the community.

II – Use Active Listening

You should not think about what you are going to say while the other person is speaking. You will realize that you are not giving the attention he or she requires. Using the confirmations such as ‘really?’, ‘It’s not possible.’, ‘how good’ will give the other person the information you are really listening to the person who is talking. But beware, do not automate them. There is nothing worse than saying ‘really?’ when the previous question was ‘Do we already have the garage down payment repair budget?’. Therefore, you must ensure that you use active listening in an intelligent manner.

III – Being Positive Conveys Good Vibes

A president of owners association who constantly strikes back generates the rejection of the people. Imagine that you are asked for a duplicate of a key, which can be done in five minutes, and your answer is ‘Let me think if I can do it!’. Probably, when a home owner asks you a question, it will be because that will be an important matter. You have to put a little bit on their side to avoid their frustration. It does no harm to anyone to help your neighbors to feel good.

IV – Repeating Things Conveys That You Are Paying Attention

It is true that when we repeat what we have just been told, we tend to think that we are fools, but it is nothing of that. It is beneficial to repeat, to take up themes spoken in the conversation. Making mention of something spoken five minutes ago generates a very positive feeling in the person before us. You may not believe it right now, but when you apply it in the meetings of your owners association, you will surely believe it. We hope these tips will help you a lot to perform well for your owners association. It is about achieving the best environment during your period as the president of your community. These are simple points that can help your neighbors feel good and they can also be applied also in our day to day situations of very different types.


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