4 Reasons Why Your Diet isn’t Working for You with Their Solutions

4 Reasons Why Your Diet isn’t Working for You with Their Solutions

It usually happens that sometimes, even when we had made enough effort to lose weight by following a very low calorie diet, the results do not appear and soon we get discouraged because the balance seems to be against us, although we reduce food intake, eat healthy foods and deprive ourselves of many culinary satisfactions, we fail to lose weight significantly. What could be happening? Here I give some explanations that can help you discover why despite your efforts your diet does not seem to be going on the right track.

1 – You have not abandoned salt.

Besides being a risk factor for your cardiac system, especially if you suffer from hypertension, salt tends to retain fluids, so it not only works against your weight loss but excess fluids give you a rounded look rather than defined and fibrous. If you need your food taste, do not waive besides the natural taste and use spices and herbs such as parsley, which has almost no calories and prevents water retention.

2 – Don’t skip meals!

As you have gained weight by eating too much, you will lose weight by eating healthy. If you skip meals, especially breakfast, or directly and obstinately you refuse to eat, your body will interpret this caloric deficit as food shortages and will hold on to its fat stores, which will cause the opposite effect. To lose weight, you must eat responsibly and expect to lose no more than one kilo or a kilo and a half per week. Remember that you should lose weight gradually, rather than abruptly, and get used to your metabolism to act more efficiently and avoid the risk of rebound effect, the sharp rise in weight when you start eating food once you have been terminated the diet. For a perfect plan, try Slim and Save.

3 – Your diet is too strict.

As in the above reason, also this point has to do with preventing the body to feel too hungry, but also add to your knowledge a secret, if we do not include in our diet a permitted amount of a bar of chocolate, candy a portion of ice cream per day, our metabolism quickly develops what we call hunger for flour or sugar, which will make your diet increasingly difficult. A permitted per day amount helps relieve the stress of reduced food intake. But keep in mind a few things that you only have allowed amount per day and preferably during the morning, noon or early afternoon, if you have it at night, the metabolism is slower and it is more likely that you cannot convert the heat energy content.

4 – Do exercise!

A good diet plan should always be accompanied by a good plan of exercise. You can join a gym and consult your trainers for effective weight loss exercises. If you can, spend some money on a good personal trainer to optimize your results in the shortest time possible.


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