4 Suggestions Regarding the Best Torch Lighters

4 Suggestions Regarding the Best Torch Lighters

The cigar lighters are a commodity as well as a necessity for smokers. That is why having the right lighter for your needs is of paramount importance. Along with fulfilling their basic cigar lighting function, they are also good to look at. Here we share the torch lighter reviews about the 4 best ones available in the market that we have found so far.

I – Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter 

This is the leader in the economic category with its balance between functionality and aesthetic features. It produces three flames for better and uniform lighting of the cigar tip. The body is also well made for its price, strong enough to resist minor falls. It also resists light wind, but can give way to strong winds. It bears a good grip on the sides, with a cigar hole punch that gives it multi functionality.

II – Alec Bradley ‘The Burner’ Table Cigar Lighter

This lighter can both be used for its functionality as well as for its looks. It rests on a table top, and will be commonly found in bars, restaurants, and cigar rooms. Its flame is fat and light, enough to easily light the cigar, and can also hold much more butane than normal pocket cigars. That is why it has the ability to last longer, not requiring constant refills, and can add grace to any room. The height of the flame can be adjusted by changing the amount of butane being burned, turning a knob to increase or decrease.

III – Alec Bradley Hendrix FX3

The Alec Bradley is also known for its pocket torch lighters, like the FX3. It is also of premium metal casing, protecting it from damage, and three jet flames that can light up any cigar. The strong flames may deplete the butane sooner than later, but that can also be monitored through the fuel level window.

IV – Jet Line Regal

Another economical option with a triple flame and strong body. It adds no burden to your wallet, and gives you all that you desire, sturdy flame, cigar puncher, and a comfortable body. It may not be the best looking, but it certainly does the job. The absence of a fuel monitoring window hurts its functionality, but you honestly can’t expect to get most things at such a price anyway.

Cigar lighters are a need for the cigar smokers. If you are one of them, then you must use these cigar lighters. The following cigar lighters are the excellent ones. Just check out their features;

Lotus Fury

It is a cigar accessory manufacturer that has earned the regard of a considerable measure of cigar smokers. This model has been suggests by one of our CR representatives, who possess one, himself. It is very much dependable and amazing in design. It accompanies some flawless components like a push-catch start. Also, the general looks is something out of the Star Wars adventure. You will welcome the little Trek-like image on the ignition button.

Vector Heatran – Triple Jet Flame

It is another cigar lighter that has been perfect for me for quite a while. I have three of these cigar lighters. I was searching for a decent triple cigar lighter and this Vector Heatran struck my favor. Besides, I knew a considerable measure of other cigar smokers who swore by it. This model has some pleasant weight when you hold it. The smooth shape is agreeable. Your thumb can flip up the top and draw down the start switch with scarcely any exertion. The way it positions itself in your grasp is just amazing.

Rocky Patel Cigar Diplomat 5 Torch

When you open the top up, you can see that it is a 5 fire lighter. Everything about this lighter shouts luxury. It is extremely convenient, sharp, and cuts well. It has an extraordinarily customizable cutter connected with three distinctive measured punches relying upon the ring gages of the cigar. The fire burns straight up with a tick of a catch, and it is tall and robust. It likewise has a little screwdriver connected to the base of the lighter for changing the gas stream. It works each time.

Xikar Cirro – Single Jet Flame

It appears to last a great deal of longer than the standard ones. There is a huge butane tank inside too. It is quite costly and can be an amazing present for somebody who likes cigars. This truly has a wow component to it at whatever point individuals see it. Xikar is a company which might be known best for their stogie cutters. However, this company makes some great cigar lighters too. If you are a design lover, you must use this. It is decent to realize that it will hold up under extraordinary conditions. There are many other brands making them, so I would suggest you to see more reviews on them to have a better idea.


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