4 Tips to Buy Best Drill Bits

4 Tips to Buy Best Drill Bits

Drilling holes are much easier when you know drilling techniques, drilling bits and materials you are using for drilling. Drills bits are specially designed and made up of different materials. They differ from each other in size, shape and functioning. Softer bodies are easier to drill. They can be drilled with many types of bits than the harder ones because harder bodies need specially designed drill bits which protect you and your materials from any type of damage. If you want to have neat, clean and accurate holes without any damage then select the perfect bit for your projects. Drilling machines can be operated with hands and or drill press machines. Make sure while working you have a tight grip on the object on which you are working.

Twist Shape

Some drill bits are manufactured in twist shape, some are in auger, spade and forstner shapes. Among these types of bits some are commonly used in making holes and some are for special drilling purposes. If you want one drill bit for different material then twister shaped bit is best. It comes in different sizes with spiral groove shape with pointed end. These are different according to material which is used in their manufacturing. Some of them are made up of carbide tipped, cobalt and high speed steel with varieties in coatings. It is cheap then other products and can be used for making holes in different objects.


If you want to make deep holes in softer bodies then auger are good for you. The Auger drill bits can make deep, clean and accurate holes in softer materials. It has long spiral flute which help it in drilling deep holes. If you use it on harder bodies it can be damaged itself or it can cause damage to your softer wooden bodies.

Core Drill Bits

If you want to make the existing holes bigger in size then core drill bits are good. They have three or four flutes which help them in enlarging of the existing holes.  They have ability of enlarging existing holes inaccurate and clean way.

Step Drill If you interested to have different sized holes with one bit then step drill bit is best option. They are uniquely designed with different sized holes functioning.  By this product you can have neat holes in thinner bodies like sheets of metal or plastic and so on. This product gives accurate results without any hard efforts and you don’t need to buy different bits for drilling different size holes.


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