5 Best Cigar Lighters

5 Best Cigar Lighters

Some cigar lighters comes with rechargeable USB wires. Cigars lighters are available in different shapes, colors and designs by multiple manufacturers. Here are few companies which are offering best ones.

1 – Alec Bradly “The Burner” Table Cigar Lighter

Some are large in size like “the Burner “cigar lighter by Alec Bradly Brand. This has Bunsen burner flame and a single ignition. This burner is easy to fit on your table and it is wind resistible.  This lighter is cheap in price and it has fuel adjustor which is much easier in functioning.

2 – Rocky Patel Cigar Lighter Diplomat 5 Torch Lighter with Punch

If you want to enjoy multi torches then this lighter is for you. This is unique than all the others for the reason that it has five torch flames. It is available in three different colors black, chrome and Gun-Metal. Its weight is one pound. This is available in markets with punch cutters. Its price is not that much expensive.

3 – Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane with punch attachment

This is easy to adjust and reliable. Its cap open automatically and it is Scorch Torch Premium Lighter. This is easy in use and safe as well. It uses butane fuel for burning flame. This has best soft finishing. It is available with triple torch system and it is very cheap in price. This is pocket sized one with easy holding grip.

4 – XIKAR Forte Jet Flame

Xikar offers different featured lighters. Forte Jet Flame lighter is one of them. This is easy to handle just with one hand. It has one thumb action ignition functioning with protective lid. This has the single jet flame. It has large fuel adjustment wheel. This product has fuel window and longer life warranty. It has black carbon fiber look and the price of this product is under fifty dollar and it is available in markets with a red hue fuel gauge.

5 – Black Label Dictator Cigar

This is a brand of Dictator Company.  It is resistible towards the wind with a fold out cigar punch which is present in it. For costumer’s ease, it has fuel window from which fuel can be seen. It has flat flame and available in markets in black color. This lighter has beautiful design and shape.

1 – Quality

The cigars are available in the best qualities with different tastes, but when your lighter is not good, you can lose the chance of getting the full taste of cigar. A good number of companies are manufacturing best quality cigar lighters with different styles and powerful flames.

2 – Size

Cigars come in thicker size and wider rings as compared to cigarettes and pipes. For them special are required because cigarettes can be light by a common lighter, not the cigars. Cigar burner come with special qualities light intense flame, windproof, consistent light, slim bodies and easy in grip.

Some cigar lighters are slim and they are easy to handle. Always try to buy those ones which are best and easy in grip and handling with one hand. In case of outside smoking or windy areas smoking buys windproof lighters for your cigars because a flame light is consistent in them.  Cigars come in different casing, styles and colors if you are luxurious lover it is good to buy one which is according to your choice.

3 – Odors

Fuel is used in cigar burner which has different odors. When you use that odor burner, it can change the taste of the cigar and its tobacco. In this case, you must buy lighter which have odorless fuels.

Some companies manufactured cigar lighters which have fuel window, through which one can easily see how much fuel is left. If you want to have this feature in your lighter then buy visible window lighter.

Many consumers prefer butane fuel one because butane fuel has the ability of consistency for the longer time with hotter flame and odorless taste than another lighter. Keep in mind pure butane ones are highly functional then impure butane lighters. Torch burner wide and strong flame are widely used.

4 – Tank

Larger tank cigar ones have more fuel than smaller ones. Large tanked cigar ones can save your time and energy. Most companies use one flame because it is easy to handle but some companies are offering two or three flame burner which are mostly difficult to handle because of high flame and these multi-flamed ones take the little time. An intense flame fueled ones like butane are prohibited in airplanes because of their high intensity and easily flammable quality it is better to avoid carrying such expensive lighters while travelling by air. You can know a lot more now, and all you have to do is visit The Review Gurus.


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