5 Considerable Options of the Best Drill Bits

5 Considerable Options of the Best Drill Bits

A drill bit is the steel rod or bar attached to the drill machine. It is usually made of steel combined with other elements like chromium or vanadium to impart more strength to it. It can be divided into four parts, namely the lip, tip, shank, and the flute. They all play their roles in the cutting and penetrating capability of the structure.

Dewalt Titanium Pilot Point

When it comes to entry level drill kits, the Dewalt is the one you should be buying. Offering premium titanium coating at such a reasonable price is a bargain. The coating makes the bits scratch resistant and longer lasting. The kit offers 21 pieces, with varying sizes, flutes, and shanks. That is why this is the kit to opt for if you want to drill a hole into mediums like wood or plastic. Look elsewhere if you want to penetrate harder objects, because at this price, you really can’t ask for too much.

Wilmar Performance Tool Master

With 204 pieces on offer, the Wilmar is by far the kit that sports the most variety. It includes such a wide range of bits that it will be surprising if your needs are not fulfilled by any of them. Ranging from twist bits to screwdriver ones, coated and uncoated, a plethora of shapes and sizes can be found within. While most of the pieces will not be masters in the durability department, this is the perfect workman’s kit in our opinion.

Dewalt Cobalt Pilot Point

As the name suggests, this kit offers pieces coated with a premium cobalt resistant layer. This imparts it much greater strength and longer life than the titanium range offered by the same makers. Bear in mind that such an upgrade will not come cheap, so it is better to reserve these for special needs.

Irwin Tools High Speed Metal Index

Boasting the same cobalt coating, the Irwin tool kit is also a must-have for those wanting to drill into metal. The superior coating makes it both heat and abrasion resistant, as well as allowing it to outlast its titanium siblings.

Craftsman Drilling and Driving

Like the Wilmar, this 100-piece set is also likely to leave nothing to be desired. From nut drivers to 22 types of bits, you can penetrate a wide range of materials armed with this kit. And it comes with a very convenient carrying case that is quite easy to handle.


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