5 Great Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks

5 Great Sit On Top Fishing Kayaks

If you are on the hunt for the best sit on top fishing kayaks of your life, then you have come to the right place for the reason that here I am going to review some of the best kayaks available of 2017 that you can consider to buy. They are affordable options and are also packed with the great features that you will find in the high end kayaks only of 2017.

1 – Emotion Temptation

I know that the name is a little bit weird, but that not all, as there are a lot of features offered by this one that will amaze you for sure. It has the different paddle locks which will ensure that you are never losing the paddles on this one, and the paddles also come with a string attachment, in case you drop in the water, you can use that string to take the paddle up again. It has some secret compartments where you can easily keep some of your stuff you may require when you are off the shore and you may not find yourself in a position to go back for the necessary item you need at that time.

2 – 12-Feet Malibu

It is also a good choice. Its belts and seats provide a lot of control and safety to the riders which means that you can trust this one. This is also available with different options, so you should not wait anymore and you can get this one right now.

3 – Point 65 N

This is basically a snap model, which saves you a lot of place. Just in snap this is ready to use, and when it is open there is no way that it will fold itself again, as the locks are present on both sides which will help you keep in one piece only. This one is very light one weight and you are able to carry it with yourself any place you want only in few minutes. You also get some extra gear with it that is used as the safety gear. It has extra places to keep the rods also, in case if you lose one.

4 – Tribe 9.5

Another eye candy is here, this is one of the most lightweight kayaks that I have ever seen in my life. With this you are also getting different color option in this one, not only different colors are available but also you can look for different patterns. For returning customers this brand is also offering customer made kayaks, which is surely a collectable item if you love these sports more than anything.

5 – Quikpak K1

  I am sure that if you have been into this sport for a long period of time now, then you are well aware of this brand, since this is one of the best brands that you can see making the best kayaks in the field. That is not only affordable, but it also comes in high quality with extra accessories according to the type of kayak you are ordering. This one is inflatable and it also comes with some extra accessories that you can use when you are on the water. There is no doubt that it is one of the most loved models by people who love this sport.


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