5 Ideas to Monetize Your Blog Practically

5 Ideas to Monetize Your Blog Practically

Creating blog is normally a hobby for many people, but it can potentially be a source of income as well. Having an online space to tell everything you think, without having to care for editorial issues and deciding such as when, how and why which are the basics that encourage writing people in their online blogs. However, sometimes quite expected and sometime not so, there are pages that become much popular. Some will become online references, while others less so. Anyway, creating a blog and keeping it takes much effort, so why not monetize it?

The most important thing to consider when monetize a blog is the audience, both in number and in type. Having a vast audience is enough to attract the advertisers, presenting the possibility of certain outcome. You can avail the following profitability options.

1 – AdSense and Advertising Agencies

It is possibly the best choice when you have a dynamic audience. You can offer advertising relating to the content displayed, allowing that if the user reaches the page because he/she is interested in the subject and content, providing economic benefits to the blog owner for every click obtained in ads. Some agencies also work for conversions as well as pages displayed. The latter may be a fixed payment guarantee without worrying about the action of clicking. The most important thing to note here is that it is contextual advertising, so do not overtax.

2 – Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks allow obtaining a percentage of sales for each lead, sale or registration obtained from the blog to the page in question. It works more when the blog topic relates to the product offered and does not require much knowledge or management. It is important to choose a reliable network to ensure it will be a profitable business on both sides and a good service to offer the audience, allowing to be happier as a reader of the blog.

3 – Direct advertisers

Hiring by a direct advertiser is usually handled from high ratings. Usually offered options display banners or other more dynamic actions that invite participation such as contests. Payment is usually fixed on the basis of impressions served or fixed price per share considering the audience.

4 – Donations

You may not the readers to buy or make a payment, but satisfied can invite readers to collaborate for keeping up the page and information flowing, so they include a call-to-action with a message to invite in order to keep the blog running. This can be done through PayPal or other services that integrate various payment methods.

5 – Premium Services or Professionals

A blog can be an important tool to promote professional service. You can take advantage of the audience and can promote your own related service. For example, a blog about web design can have offer of the same service if the blog owner is a professional in this area. On the other hand, you can promote other professional service or professionals.

The most important thing is to think about the audience and find ways to offer more than the competition and that is of interest and only then you will have the secret to success. If you want to do it professionally, you can learn how to set up a digital business with Profit Academy offered by Anik Singal.


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