5 Reasons to Use Dental Veneers

5 Reasons to Use Dental Veneers

The dental veneers, also called dental facets, are small plates that stick to the outside of the teeth using special resin cement to be firmly fixed. It is something like a nice front bumper that enhances the image of the tooth.

When a person is placed veneers, they are of their original teeth and thus leave before it a much more attractive smile, showing the typical perfect dentures that we draw the attention of movie stars, models, etc.

Dental veneers are therefore primarily an aesthetic treatment getting people to literally construct dentures wishing either by necessity as yellow teeth, broken by blows, unsightly deviations or simply wanting to have a more beautiful smile. It is a cosmetic treatment, so it cannot be practiced if there is an issue with oral health, which must be treated beforehand.

As a dental cap, veneers visually will replace the teeth to be placed, so that when you smile, others will not see if you have veneers and these are not the original teeth. Therefore, dental veneers can be used to modify the visual aspects of teeth like shape, color, position, etc. To be more precise we can define some of the most common examples such as;

1 – Covering Broken Teeth

If a person gets hit in a tooth and lose a piece of tooth, you can put a veneer to cover the tooth to see it as a proper tooth.

2 – Covering Interdental Spaces

When two teeth are widely spaced, the dentist can place dental veneers to cover the space.

3 – Correct Tooth Shapes

If a tooth is too short, or has a strange protrusion on one side, or is misaligned with the rest, it is possible to construct veneers to cover the teeth in question and thus conform to the desired shape.

4 – Enlarge Teeth

Sometimes we find teeth too small compared to others or denture generally made ​​ of small teeth that make you smile with more gum exposure than tooth display. Dental veneers can correct this problem.

5 – Teeth Whitening

It is a highly effective treatment for tooth whitening as the dentist covers it with a white veneer.


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