5 Splendid Beach Restaurants in Dubai

5 Splendid Beach Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is a hugely famous place among local and tourist for its adventures in the sandy deserts as well as sandy beaches, which are two opposite spots. Since the summer is approaching, the sandy deserts are not at the top in the list of places to visit and the ultimate choice in summer is the sandy beaches with cool breeze, high tides and a restaurant with delicious cuisine. And this is where beach restaurants in Dubai serve the people having fun on the beach. Here you will see the best beach restaurants to have tasty snacks, lunch or dinner in Dubai.

1 – Amaseena

It is very famous for holding Arabian Nights on the beach. It offer the sight of The Ritz-Carlton, a private beach in Dubai and runway of Skydive Dubai.

In buffet, Amaseena serves 16 starters and many options in meze. You can also ask for arranging a private cabana with board games, shisha and harmonious music of tabla. For two persons, it will cost you around 200 to 300 Dhs for meal and soft drinks.

2 – La Veranda

It is famed for serving seaside pizza and it is situated just 15 meters away from the beach. This traditional beach restaurant serve Italian foods comprising of a vast range of pizzas and salads. The average cost for meal and soft drinks for two could be between 200 and 300 Dhs. You can visit it all through the week from 11am t o11pm.

3 – Beach Bar & Grill

It is well known for seaside surf and turf. You can view blue waters with luxury yachts scattered across the beach. You can taste Arabic meze, club sandwiches and a great variety of Mediterranean seafoods.

4 – Bu Qtair

With rustic beachside dining, it is of its own kind beach restaurant in Dubai with scruffy furniture for sitting which makes it unique among all. You can have magnificently fried-fish curry with boiled cassava root dishes.

5 – Sho Cho

People love it for its tasty sushi. You can have sizable servings of deep-fried soft-shell crab and sashimi along with few more choices. The typical cost for meal and soft drinks for two people is between 300 and 400 Dhs. The visiting hours every day from 7pm to 3am.

There are a lot of more interesting option of beach restaurants in Dubai and some are as follows;

  • The Anchor
  • The Edge
  • The Shore
  • Villa Beach
  • Nasimi
  • Shimmers
  • Wavebreaker
  • Majlis Al Bahar
  • Captain’s
  • Barasti

I hope you will enjoy visiting these beach restaurants in Dubai and so share your experience with us afterwards.

Dubai beach resorts represent the beauty, convenience, modernism, traditions and state-of-the-art technologies altogether. In simple words, a Dubai beach resort is a place worth dying for. Stay in Dubai beach resorts during vacations takes the pleasure to its greatest heights and you will return with memories worth cherishing for life. Interestingly, there are many options when to choose one when it comes to Dubai beach resorts. To give you a hand in this matter of selection, I have compiled this list of Dubai beach resorts so that you can make an informed decision. Rest assured, it will be your best experience of staying in a resort.

1 – Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah

It belongs Madinat Jumeirah Resort, being the core property of the group. This place brings you the real flavor of traditional Arab and in fact it has redefined the standard of Dubai beach resorts. It is all encircled by water giving this place a look of the island.

2 – Burj Al Arab

Today, Burj Al Arab is known all over the world as it is the third tallest building in the world with the height of 321 meters. In a little span on Dubai shoreline, Burj Al Arab has already grabbed attention at the international level and it has become one of the most photographed placed worldwide. If you want to see the actual meaning of luxury, you must pay a visit to Burj Al Arab and witness it with your own eyes. It is design is similar to the wafting sail.

3 – Dar Al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah

Located on the lovely beach, Dar Al Masyaf has two boutique hotels, conventional summer houses along with a Talise Spa. Accommodation is available with a charming watercourses and pathways which wind through lovely gardens. Of course, the beach is reachable with no trouble.

4 – Jumeirah Beach Hotel

If you love looking at blue water ion a beach, you will fall in love with Jumeirah Beach Hotel and it is a great fun time with children as well having rides on the blue water, enjoy playing football with the poles made of palm trees and windsurfing along with a lot of other entertaining activities.

5 – Mina A’ Salam at Madinat Jumeirah

Mina A’ Salam is also a part of Madinat Jumeirah and it is a perfect picture of serenity. It will bring you the exceptional experience of entering into a culturally enriched world with true values of Arab.

Staying in Dubai beach resorts is a complete experience where you find no sort of lack regarding anything.


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