5 Tips To Consider Before Buying The Best Racing Drone

5 Tips To Consider Before Buying The Best Racing Drone

The increasing popularity of racing drones has made them a great gift. Here we ensure that you remain wise enough when you are buying a racing drone and take into account a few important factors mentioned in this post.

1 – Before buying a racing drone, be realistic about your technical skills and drones.

Obviously the money you want to spend on a racing drone is one of the main factors that you have to take into account, but do not leave aside how much time you are willing to spend on it.

Some models are designed to be used immediately, simply connect the battery, turn on the remote and start flying while others need to calibrate their GPS system or various network connections, be it radio, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in order to make them fly.

There are models that offer great comfort and allow you to save the videos and photos you make with your drone in your mobile phone, but in others you need to save them on a micro SD card, which is usually not included, and then pass the data to the computer.

You should also consider what to do if you hit your racing drone, as you can fix the circuits on your own, but you may be more interested in being under warranty to send it to the manufacturer.

2 – Watch YouTube videos for instructions to fly a drone!

More and more users who have channels on YouTube make reviews or show their experience using their drones, which makes these videos the best way to know the amount of work or quality of a drone you are interested in before you can fly it.

They are also very useful when you already have the drone in your hands, since they can be used as if they were tutorials or manuals to learn how to handle them or solve all kinds of problems or doubts that you have.

3 – Consider using propeller guards

We have already mentioned before and remind you that you can have an accident with your racing drone, so every time you hit, the propellers are always the first thing that crash against the ground, a tree, a wall or an innocent pedestrian. Today, most of the racing drones are designed with shock-absorbing measures and protocols, but propeller guards are inexpensive and can greatly help you prolong the life of the propellers.

4 – Keep in mind where you are going to fly the drone!

In this sense, you must think about many factors, whether you are flying in your neighborhood, in a park or in the countryside. Before spending time and money on a drone, you have to value the environment in which you are going to use it, since there is a big difference between a drone that you can fly on the beach or in the mountains and the one that you will only use in your house.

If a wind blow takes your drone, are your neighbors the ones who give it back to you or you may never see it again? If your command loses contact with the drone and it has an automatic landing system, will it descend in a clear place or will it be in a crowded place or water? They are very important factors on which the reliability of your drone will depend.

5 – Don’t believe false expectations!

As small and incredible as the technology of racing drones may seem, it is still far from perfect. An element that surprises the novices is that the life of the battery is very limited, hovering between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the model. The duration can be even shorter if you record videos and then it may take up to an hour to charge the battery.

WiFi connections can lead to delays and imperfect display on the screen, which could end up crashing. You have the option to buy extra batteries and other accessories to alleviate these limitations, but the cost can rise quickly, so it is best to make sure what you actually are buying before you pay.


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