5 Tips to Help You Have Lustrous Hair Weave Extensions

5 Tips to Help You Have Lustrous Hair Weave Extensions

Wavy locks are sweet and sassy. If you have lately invested in wavy hair that redefined your look, now it is time to understand the right way to treatment for the wavy locks. Your stunning design and hair will astonish a lot of people around you when you understand the right way to treat them.

Keeping hair weave extensions lustrous is a process that can take a bit of careful maintenance to carry out. Because hair weave extensions are not connected to your scalp, it misses the necessary oil benefits that natural hair experiences. Because of such deficiency, there are a few processes that every hair weave user must go through in order to keep their hair weave extensions lustrous, always. In this very post, I am sharing five tips that will guide you to keep hair weave extensions lustrous.

  1. Use a shampoo brand for human hair that does not contain alcohol, and if you have decided to use a shampoo brand that contains alcohol in its product, the results of using it can cause your weave to dry, dull or even frizz, which can deplete that healthy lustrous look that weave extensions can exhibit.
  2. Condition at least once a week for the reason that conditioning your extensions re-adds the moisture back into your hair, and in turn, it restore its shine. Please, take a note of the fact that conditioning hair extensions adds to the ease of preventing frizzing when using a detangler brush/comb on the hair. It softens the hair extensions and makes it more manageable.
  3. You can use a detangler brush or comb while hair is wet and using either of the two tools while the weave is still wet will allow the weave to result in a smoother and silkier feel, as well as in its look, preventing the hair weave from resulting in frizzing at the roots.
  4. You can apply a polisher to the hair weave extensions once the hair has dried. An application of weave polisher to the hair weave extension will create an instant shine. In case you do not use a weave polisher already, you can try Morrocan oil or Alfaparf precious oil. This stuff just may be the last hair weave polisher brand you will ever need.
  5. You also have to maintain your hair weave extensions while you are sleeping. Besides the old traditional way of tying your hair down with a handkerchief, sleeping on a satin pillowcase will help fight hair frizzing as well.

I hope you have come to understand how to apply these tips that will help you keep the lustrous look of your hair weave extensions and I also hope that you will continue to apply these tips for as long as hair weave extensions are your choice of hairstyling.


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