6 Best Supply Chain Management Software

In today’s business world, whenever it comes to integrating your suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, transporters, and customers so that at the right time, a particular product/service is delivered to a specific place with maximum efficiency, Supply Chain Management Softwares come to the rescue. 

They provide you with a collectively integrated platform where complete planning across the supply chain network can be done using real-time analytics systems. So if you are looking to make each step in your supply chain network to be maximum practical such that your system-wide cost is minimized, here are a few Supply Chain Management Softwares for you. 


Logility SCM Software is known for its optimization in terms of planning, supply, demand, inventory, to name a few. Logility is always there to provide you with one of the smartest and advanced solutions so that you can definitely gain a competitive advantage in the market. 

At present, Logility has come up with “AI-Based Supply Chain Planning Solutions,” which leverages Algorithmic planning to model and inspect business opportunities while mitigating the associated risks. 

The mindset of getting smarter over time with Machine learning to handle large amounts of data with maximum efficiency and focusing on a new vision for the business makes Logility one of the best Supply Chain Management Software.

Oracle SCM

Oracle SCM provides the users with a great platform where one can easily visualize the picture of the company’s finances and operations. To help you find anomalies, predict the possible outcomes, and make recommendations, this software also uses advanced techniques of AI and Machine Learning. Proactive responses that support the user to make faster decisions is also one of the critical factors of this software. 

Oracle SCM has “Oracle Cloud’s integrated applications suite,” which is in short ‘One cloud’ for seamless organizations. It offers smooth functionality across the supply chain, finance, HR, and customer experience. It also offers a Supply chain planning schema so that you stay ahead of marketplace changes.

SAP SCM manages relationships with suppliers, partners, and contract manufacturers across your supply chain – in real-time. It allows us to collaborate with global partners across processes for forecasting, quality, inventory, and a lot more. Like if one has a chain of restaurants and wants to manage them all together then, this article on managing restaurants can help you solve your issue.

The key feature of this SCM is “Real-time collaboration.” It uses “Digital Twin Technology” to synchronize the virtual, physical, conditional, and commercial definitions of assist and products in real-time to help you to optimize operating performance conditions and predict service requirements.

SAP SCM divides itself into flows, namely, Information Flow, Finance Flow, and Product Flow.

Its Advanced Planner and Optimizer Tool makes it one of the best softwares for Supply Chain Management.

Perfect Commerce

Concerning one of the press releases, the proposed acquisition of Perfect Commerce has significantly accelerated PROACTIS’ strategy. So Perfect Commerce is now “Proactis.”

Perfect commerce SCM is known for Simplifying source-to-pay and maximizing ROI. It has essential features of implementing services and tail spend management. Tail spend management enables the user to save strategic resources on tactical categories.

If you are looking for a specific Perfect Commerce solution, they have a list for you to find the best solution that suits your needs.

Proactis suite is widely used across millions of users due to its Spend management and eCommerce solutions.

IBM Watson SCM

As their name suggests, Watson’s supply chain software uses Watson technology, whose main aim is to predict and mitigate disruptions. And this is done using data analysis and keen observation of historical trends. If system requirements are considered, the cloud-based solutions are compatible with both Mac and PC/Linux environments.

The critical factor of the software is transparency and end to end supply chain visibility. They reduce time, cost, and risk even in the time of crisis. In the global pandemic of COVID 19, it analyzed the disruptions caused, and are working to make the enterprise supply chain effective.

Manhattan SCM

Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions are designed in such a manner that they adapt and serve the final spectrum of needs, capabilities, and budgets. They have keen insight into the network and use it; they optimize all the transportation and distribution operations. They have cloud-native distribution solutions that help us essentially in warehouse productivity, automation in the industry, and make things compatible if in case the sector faces fluctuations in demand. 

Their key feature is that all Manhattan Active solutions are cloud-native and designed entirely from microservices, and they automatically scale to meet performance demands. They are version less and designed in such a way that they never need upgrading. They are designed on Microservices Architecture and not Monolithic Architecture. 

I hope that this article was useful, and the reader enjoyed it.


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