6 Vital Things to Know about iPhone X

6 Vital Things to Know about iPhone X

In this article, I will talk about iPhone X, so let’s see some vital details about this one.

1 – Processor

It has better and faster processor and it also has bigger batteries which means that you are able to get a long time running with it. If you ask about the worst part, it doesn’t have any headphone jack, but we all know that we are in a new date today where it doesn’t matter at all, thanks to the Bluetooth.

2 – Software & Battery

It is a perfect example to show why software is important as compared to the size of the phone. With iPhone X, you are able to get 2 hours of extended battery life easily, so you can enjoy more with this phone. It was a claim at first made by this company, but after its launch people are really amazed that they have fulfilled what they committed.

3 – Touch ID

It is surely changed a bit in this one, that is nothing overwhelming but a little change is always better, as you are getting a new phone, so the fingers also deserve a little bit of change.

It can easily detect how hard you are pressing on it, and with this feature, it can adjust its certain features such as the vibration mode. It is the part of Taptic Engine that is very helpful for delivering required notifications sooner.

5 – Extra Zoom

With iPhone X, you are able to get 2nd 56 mm telephoto lens, so you are also able to get this feature down to 10x without any loss in picture quality which surely makes iPhone Xa treat for all those picture lovers around the globe. This feature is the result of mixing two kinds of lenses together.

Another new feature of iPhone Xis that it can automatically focus on the face of a person without any extra struggleor time waste. It surely has some more tricks that can help you take a crisp image. There are new features in the image section as well such as the night image, portrait and selfie modes.

6 – Backup

One of the most important things that you can do when you get your iPhone Xis to backup your data, so you can never lose that data and get access to it anywhere you want easily.


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