6 Ways Which Make North Wave EC a Different from Other Projects

6 Ways Which Make North Wave EC a Different from Other Projects

North Wave EC is a new EC situated at the connection of Gambas Avenue with the Woodlands Ave 12 which provides its citizens a lot of facilities in different ways, better than other housing societies. It gives the best way to live your life where there is no noise pollution and overcrowding and gives you the opportunity to live life in peace.

North Wave EC is situated in the vivacious Woodlands region where it is a colossal development area due to the impending Woodlands Regional Centre, as well as the MRT that leads straight to Johor Bahru and it, exploit its worthy site as it is situated among Yishun and Woodlands. Here we are going to tell how North Wave is different North Wave provides all the units that are best of the class.

  • Facilities

North Wave Gambas offers full condo services to its citizens like any other cooperatives all over in Woodland and conferring to current plans, there will be swimming pool right in the growth; citizens can ease by the pool after a day’s grind.

Purchasers are also exaggerated by the loan limitations on the 30 percent Mortgage to Service Ratio and therefore there is certainly the lesser number of purchasers in the EC marketplace.  There are many nearby best schools.

  • Roads

There is no supplementary slip-up of extreme circulation and everything different which has concerned you in city lifecycle. You will have a swamp parking lot and MRT that leads to Johor Bahru.

  • Food centers

 It is situated right in the middle of Kampung Admiralty where an entire variety of services such as communal Centre and food court are available for its citizens. There are abundant of coffee shops such as Sun Plaza, Woodland Mart as well as other facilities for food.

  • Ease of Access

North Wave offers you everything want, gives you ease of access to virtually whatever you could feasibly want, whether it is a swimming pool, shopping place you are looking for.  The communal centers are located right in the middle of Kampung Admiralty.

  • Fluctuating Gym and Fitness Corner

For the citizens who are ardent on a lively way of life near Vista Point and Singapore American School, there is no need to move to other parts of Singapore to get a gym workout as the Plaza has an inside gym as well as outdoor gym stations.

  • Banking Services

Everyone wants the best services where they are living, North Wave gives the best services as it’s one of the best services. You will find banks near it from where you can withdraw and can exchange your currency.

We support North Wave projects as they are different from other housing societies as it gives you the best services and many other facilities that benefits the citizens in through different ways.

No doubt that investing for a flat here will benefit you, as in the coming years the rates will surely increase so you can know you have made the right decision with investing on a flat in North Wave EC.


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