7 Tips to Protect Your Hair Bathing at Beach or Pool in Summer

7 Tips to Protect Your Hair Bathing at Beach or Pool in Summer

The minute summer time arrives, we rush to the beaches and pools. We all know the effect that chlorine and salt have on our own hair, and how much more it is in your hair weave extensions than natural, even of the best quality, sine the hair of the extensions no longer receive the nutrients and natural hydration of the root of hair. But do not worry, as it does not mean that you have to give up the beach enjoyment if you use hair weave, if you just take some extra precautions and here I will tell you about those precautions. Basically and put it simply, taking good care of your hair weave is your responsibility, so be sure to do what you have to do with your hair to protect it properly. Today we are going to talk about the steps you have to take so as to take care of your hair in the summer season.

7 Tips to Protect Your Hair This Summer from the Sun, Pool and Beach

  1. Prepare your hair the day before with conditioner, even wash your hair only with conditioner if you want, add a mask or treatment, so that it stays well hydrated.
  2. Just before you get into the water, wet your hair with tap water until it is well soaked and the water drips from your hair. And the reason why you have to do this is because the more ‘full’ your hair is with water, the less ‘space’ it will have to absorb the chlorine or salt of pool or beach water. Many pools and beaches have a shower, but if you do not have it, you can use a spray-bottle filled with water. You just spray it over your hair until it is completely wet and water drips from your hair.
  3. Put some Argan oil or Serum in your hair that will help in protecting your hair from friction with chlorine or salt when you are bathing, especially make sure to spread the oil on the ends that are the part that will suffer the most.
  4. It is preferable that you collect your hair with a braid to avoid entanglement and friction.
  5. Once you have gotten out of the water, the first thing you need to do is lighten your hair by trying to get the chlorine or salt out as much as possible.
  6. The next thing is to wash your hair with a good shampoo that helps you to remove chemical residue from the water and re-wash with a conditioner and do not skimp on time to condition your hair. You will see that it does not take so long and your hair weave will thank you for this act. I recommend using a special anti-pull brush for extensions to untangle your hair carefully.
  7. You should avoid as much as possible to use heat from the iron or dryer soon after leaving the pool or the beach because chlorine is a chemical and even if you have washed well, there are always residues of this chemical that leave your hair dry and you do not want to dry it anymore.

You will see how easy it is with these tips for keeping your hair weaves in excellent condition I the summer.


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