8 Important Pieces of High Tech Clothing

8 Important Pieces of High Tech Clothing

8 Important Pieces of High Tech Clothing

We are living in a highly technologically advanced era dominated by smartphones and tablets. This high-tech dominance has influenced our clothing as well with high tech clothing being innovative, impressive and helpful.

1 – StressVest

It is utilized in in exercises and delivers some real-time shock which is upto 4,500 volts. It offers the experience for the trainees so that they can be aware of the fact effect of be being wounded in real life.

2 – BC Vest with Built-in Backpack

It aims to facilitate the skiers and should replace the bulky backpack. It is easily and comfortably snug, therefore, you are not needed to snag yourself on a branch of the tree. It weighs 2 lbs only and it appropriate for all types of outdoor tools and utensils.

3 – Flexi Freeze Ice Vest

It is exactly you need if your air condition is out of order. It has with 3 reusable and detachable ice panels which keep the user cool and comfy for a few hours.

4 – Core Heat S2 Jacket

This one exploits the heat of the collar to keep your nape warm and can produce heat for hours using a heat panel that concentrates the heat in collar.

5 – ScotteVest

It has thirty-three separate pockets in order to hold a great deal of stuff much makig nit ideal for travelers.

6 – Reebok Checklight Skullcap

This one is good to alarm the athletes to severity impact which they might undergo during the play. It has sensors which unceasingly measure impacts which an athlete may experience. The sensors are straightly linked to the head so that the sensors can quickly reflect the direct speed-up to the head to give reliable data.

7 – Virus Coffee Clothing

Virus is California-based outfit firm which utilizes coffee leftovers to make their outfits which has the ability to trap body heat giving upto 10 degrees of additional warmness. The clothes are tremendously effectual for wicking away dampness and stopping fabric from getting bad smell your clothes have after long session of jogging.

8 – Spray-On-Clothing

Manel Torres is a renowned fashion designer from Spain and his spray-on futuristic fabrics are on the rise to take clothing to the newer and imaginable heights. In collaboration with Paul Luckham, Torres produced some sprayable stuff for clothes. All you have to do is spray on your body to wear your clothes.

Technology is influencing our everyday life and now you can high tech clothing which is facilitating our lives on daily basis.


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