A Brief Introduction to Cigar Lighter

A Brief Introduction to Cigar Lighter

It has been years since the matchstick went out of favor in the cigarette lighting industry. It had the disadvantage of having a weak flame that went out after some time and you may end up burning your finger too. That is why the cigarette or cigar lighter came into being. It was far more convenient, longer lasting, and safe.

The Device

A cigar lighter is a mechanical device that produces a flame when its wheel is turned or its button is pressed. It uses a fuel source, most commonly butane, an ignition mechanism, and a mechanism for transferring the fuel to the ignition. The ignition of the fuel results in the production of the flame which persists until the fuel runs out, or the wheel or button of the lighter is released.

It is a comparatively safe process unless ofcourse you direct the flame towards the human skin. The holding part of the lighter can be of plastic, metal, or even glass, hence the hazard of burning your finger with matches is overcome. This also made of a material that is not easy to break, hence merely dropping on the floor will not damage the device.

The Types

There can be two general types of lighters. The disposable one pressurizes the fuel in the reservoir, and then using the resulting vapors to cause the spark due to friction in the ignition mechanism. Reusable lighters use a wick to extract the fuel from the reservoir without pressurizing it.

The Sizes

The lighters in all kinds of sizes are available ranging from the pocket sized Scorch Torch Triple Flame to the large table top Ace Bradley Burner. As a result you can have one in your pocket at all times or one at home. There are also many types with different ignition mechanisms or different fuels sources, resulting in a wide variety of lighters.

The cigar lighters are fast becoming a collector’s item for many cigar enthusiasts. This is because of a wide array of lighters available in the market today and the evolution of lighters with progressive advancement of technology. That is why many people, especially serious smokers, take the quality of their lighters very seriously, and is a very important part of their smoking experience.

If you want to know more about the cigar lighters, I suggest you go through cigar lighter reviews in order to lean about the best available brand today.

Many cigar lovers are very much interested in the stylish cutters and lighters of cigars. For those people, we are here with the seven best and amazing cigar lighters. These lighters are very much unique in design. Have a look at these cool cigar lighters features:

Rock Star Looks: Alec Bradley Hendrix Fx3 Triple Torch

It has a unique firepower capability. The three major stream blazes work pleasantly and magically. They can quickly fire up the cigar in nanoseconds. It works nicely on the round and big cigars. It also has a built-in cigar cutter punch at the bottom side. It is an all in one cigar lighter and cutter.

The Classic: Zippo Classic Lighter

These Zippo Classic Lighters of cigars were made in the middle of 1930s. It has required accessory for both heroes and villains of the American films. This cigar lighter holds the retro look. It has many amazing features like a windproof screen.

Raging Inferno: Lotus Wedge 42 Triple Flame with Cigar Punch

This cigar lighter works best when the fire adjustment is indicated to the maximum level. It outlines some entirely fun looking stuff. This stogie lighter is very particular. It has great looks which are matched with accuracy designing to make a butane burn lighter.

Ridiculously Cheap: Jet Line Regal

This cigar lighter has a double activity design. The 6mm punch unscrews from the highest point of the unit. This design manages the operation which has a trigger at a side of it. It is very different from the other models of the same brand.

Classy As Hell: Rocky Patel South Beach Quad Flame

It is a beautiful tropical green-shaded jewel which lays the blaze decisively. It is nearly 5 inches tall. It is a tabletop cigar lighter. It would make you have a feeling that you have a third leg and you are walking with it.

Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

It is the best stogie lighter if you own some cash to blow on a lighter. Without a doubt, we concede there is nothing especially uncommon about this lighter. It has capacities to legitimize the out of this world costs. It is so much durable and very elegant in design. It is light in weight. It has amazing features but with only one drawback. It is very much expensive which makes it difficult in buying.

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