A Brief Overview of What Clan and Chief in Clash of Clans

A Brief Overview of What Clan and Chief in Clash of Clans

Clans are the groups of players who put their trophies jointly to compete with other clans in hunting trophies. A clan’s members have a private chat to talk only to the clan members and can send troops. Within a clan, there are 4 ranks as;

  • Member
  • Aine
  • Deputy Commander
  • Chief

A player can have 50 players in the clan.

Steps to Join Clan

To be a clan’s member, you must make your Clan Castle which will cost you. Once it is done, you can join a clan.

There are diverse ways to join a clan such as the following;

  • You can check if a clan has the status of ‘Open’. If it is so, press the ‘Join’ button.
  • You can send a request to a clan that has the status of ‘Invitation’.
  • You can also go to the global chat and look for people who are recruiting new members in their clans.

It is important to make a note that some clans may need a precise number of trophies before you can join them. However, you can still send a request if you don’t meet the requirements at the present time because they may consider you if you are near the mark or you have shown great performance it he game. The chief of clan in coloration of and his deputies sets the precise requirements.

The Chief

The player is chief and has complete authority over the management of his clan. In order to make a new clan, the player will have to pay a sum of 40,000 Gold which will enable the player to become the first clan member and immediately the chief who can invite other players to join the clan, accept or reject the requests and promote or demote all players in the clan.

The chief has the capability to promote and demote another chieftain. There is only one chieftain and if you promote someone else, you will lose the position. Characteristically, a chief does it only if he has confidence on other promoted person. If a chief leaves the clan without selecting someone else as a chief, the deputy chief with the most trophies will take his place. In case there is no deputy head at present, the senior most with most trophies will become the chief. If there is no senior, clan’s highest ranked member will involuntarily become the chief. The presence of chief is really important or the clan will be disbanded.


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