A Handy Guide for Moms to Select the Best Crib Mattress

A Handy Guide for Moms to Select the Best Crib Mattress

Are you going to have your first baby soon? If yes, then you must be very excited to go shopping for your little one. To buy the new teeny tiny clothes, shoes and other necessary things for your baby must be a very exciting thing to do. But the most difficult thing to buy is the best crib mattress for your baby. It is difficult to select the best quality mattress as there is a numerous number of mattresses available in the market but not all these mattresses are good for baby’s health and growth.

This article has the guide and tips on how you can choose the best quality mattress for your new ones that will help the first time moms to give comfy as well as safe sleep to their new ones.

If you want to select the best crib mattress for your baby crib, then you need to consider some factors. By considering these simple factors you can easily buy the best crib mattress for your baby.

  • Size of the Crib Mattress: The size of the mattress must be appropriate so that it can fit perfectly in the crib.
  • Comfy with No Gap: A mattress should be comfy and cozy as well as it must cover all the edges and gaps of the crib to keep the baby safe and secure during the sleep.
  • Quality of the mattress cover: Never compromise on the quality of the mattress cover.it should soft and clean enough.
  • Water-Proof: A crib mattress that is waterproof is much better than a water absorbent mattress.
  • Fire & Flame Resistance: The mattress you are going to choose for your baby must be fire resistant.
  • Flat & Firm Surface: To reduce the risk of SIDS you must buy a mattress which has a firm and flat surface.

Are all baby crib mattresses expensive?

If you want to save money for your child, then you must buy a baby crib mattress that is cost effective and budget friendly. There are quite a number of brands that offer all the mattresses such as foam, innerspring and organic mattress at the very low price range. The brands such as Sealy soybean foam core, moonlight slumber little dreamer, naturepedic no compromise and safety 1st heavenly dreams are the best-rated mattresses brands that ensure a healthy and comfy sleep for your babies.


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