A Simple Guide on How to Use a Hot Glue Gun

A Simple Guide on How to Use a Hot Glue Gun

Knowing how to use a hot glue gun is vital for the safety of the person working with it. Be it at their workplace or in a house, it is one of the most commonly used tool around. They are perfect for everyday use. Knowing how to use a hot glue gun is perfect if you are either fixing or building something. The electric and battery powered, hot and cold heat glue gun can be used as follows;

  • Plug the gun into an electric power supply, and have it placed firmly, off anything flammable such as timber, carpet or the like. The reason for this is that while it is heating up, small drops might drip out.
  • Place the sticks of glue into the rear of the glue gun. If there already a stick in chamber, make sure that you keep a glue stick in reserve, ready to be used.
  • While the glue gun is heating up, gather together all the materials you want to glue. Materials that work well with these glue guns are dried flowers, plastics, woods, Styrofoam and thick fabrics. Ceramics, thin papers and fabrics are not the best materials to use with glue gun as the glue leaves a thick residue.
  • You need to check if the glue has melted. To do so, you must slightly squeeze the trigger and place the tip of the glue gun on a paper. If it disperses glue easily, it’s heated enough to the right temperature. If pulling trigger feels hard, it’s not reached the required heat, therefore, wait for an extra minute or two for it to heat up completely.
  • Once the glue gun has heated up enough and you have tested it, pick it up and gently squeeze the trigger while gluing lines on the item you wish to stick.
  • As soon as you have finished drawing your lines, immediately place the other piece of material you wish to stick on the lines you have drawn, pressing down firmly to ensure that it will stick.
  • You will then need to hold the two pieces you have glued together for around fifteen seconds.
  • Finally, you will need to let the item set for several minutes in order for the items to cure. As soon as the glue has dried completely, use your fingernail, or anything similar to scrape away the excess glue.

Using a hot glue gun is very simple, but one must also follow the safety tips. They can be used by anyone and anywhere. You can read more here.

You know that our all-pervading quest for super glue was born by mistake 67 years ago, on March 6, 1949 by Harry Coover, a chemist from the Eastman-Kodak company who was hired to create plastic sights for the rifles during the time of the World War II.

During this investigation, he found a material called Methyl Cyanoacrylate, but Harry Coover was supposed to look for a transparent material suitable for the plastic sights of the rifles, but it did a disaster for the propose for the reason that this material adhered to all of which made it almost impossible to work with it.

9 years later during another exploration, Harry Coover came back to bump with this material and it was the time when he saw the light, in fact, had simply discovered a new type of adhesive, one that would revolutionize the market because it did not need pressure, heat or any kind of condition to dry as only a few tiny particles of water such as the natural moisture that covers things to trigger its adhesive power.

Exactly in 1958 Kodak sold this wonderful invention, and the super glue became so famous that it was even used in precarious situations in the Vietnam War to glue the wounds without the need for stitches and fabric.

The super glue has been used in places that you would not believe such as in 13 airplane parts and wings and turbines have been used to maintain their lightness.

Additionally, it has been used in the aerospace industry, in trains, in smartphone and even in formula one cars, thanks to its great adhesive power and resistance, in addition to its fast drying. The super glue is undoubtedly one of the most revolutionary inventions in history.

Today, super glue is prepared at commercial level and there are many brands on the market. The top 3 super glues are as follows;

1 – Loctite Ultra Gel Super Glue

It is the best one available today. It is ideal for many objects such as leather, metals, wooden items, cardboard, and most of the plastic types.

2 – Gorilla Super Glue

It is a nice choice for joining numerous gears, toys, utensils and many domestic items.

3 – Scotch Super Glue Liquid

This one is available in liquid form and is a good option for difficult spots.

You can find more details along with purchase link of the top 3 super glue at reviewgurus.com.


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