A Useful Guide for Selecting Proper Leather Work Gloves

A Useful Guide for Selecting Proper Leather Work Gloves

Leather gloves come in many forms and fashions. You can get specialized leather gloves for basically any application. In the world of synthetic polymers and cut resistant kevlar, leather still remains a favorite amongst those that need long lasting durable gloves for protection from the elements or other hazards.

I will be discussing primarily leather work gloves in this piece of writing and listing a couple of considerations that must be taken into account for anyone using the work gloves on a regular basis. There are a couple of primary functions for work gloves and they are as follows;

  • They should fit the wearer properly because looseness can cause unfortunate accidents.
  • The work gloves should be fully intact and durable.
  • They should feel comfortable.
  • They should be the right kind of work glove for the particular job.

There are numerous types of work gloves for all applications of labor. As far as the leather work gloves are concerned, there are numerous different types and grades available. You can find work gloves made from cow hide, pigskin or deer leather. There are insulated varieties or just plain leather work gloves.

The quality of the leather gloves is highly dependent on the type of leather as well as the grade. There is top grain, split and synthetic leather. The top grain is the highest quality and will also be the most durable one. It is actually the outside of the hide, thus, it is more weather resistant. It also tends to show more variation in the grain.

When you are selecting the leather work gloves, it is highly important to consider what you will be using them for. There are such a large number of highly specialized work gloves that it is important to make sure that you get the right ones. What works well for one job may not work well for another. We must remember that the work gloves are being worn to protect us and not be a nuisance. If the gloves do not feel good or promote safety, you should probably find something different.

Make sure that you understand how to properly care for your leather work gloves if you want to get a good long life out of them. They can make the difference between a good day at work and a painful day at work. Leather work gloves are some of the most important pieces of safety equipment that we put on every day at work. Hand related injuries are by far the most common work related injuries, so take care of your hands with a good pair of leather work gloves. Please, find out more about the available options of leather work gloves. 

1 – Westchester Leather Palm Work Gloves

These are suitable for people engaged in heavy-duty work. The material at the palm, finger tips and knuckles is made from leather for added safety. The cuffs are made from heavy-duty material, and the close knit construction make them very durable. These work gloves are made from cowhide leather, and are lined with cotton fabric inside. The inner material of these work gloves has the ability to absorb sweat and keep the hands of wearer dry. In case you require to remove thorns or you’re busy with a heavy-duty task, they will protect your hands.

2 – Carhartts

Carhartts are always a favorite and trusted by many hard workers. Their leather utility work gloves are designed to be worn for long periods. They are pig skin suede which makes them soft and comfortable. In addition, they also have padded inserts to protect against bangs and other impacts. These work gloves also have an improved grip system that allows you to keep them on when you need a good solid grip. Taking work gloves off leads to many accidents, so eliminating the need to remove gloves will reduce accidents.

3 – Wells Lamont

This is another trusted brand. These are made from grain leather providing an excellent durability factor. These work gloves also come with an elastic band that closes around the wrist to avoid getting debris in the work gloves during work. They are designed with flexibility in mind and are also made to be worn for long durations.

4 – Petzl Rappel Gloves

These work gloves are not as common in the work world, but they are gaining popularity. They have heavy reinforcement in the palm area to eliminate rope burns. They are made to fit snuggly and promote dexterity. This is an excellent leather glove for someone looking for something versatile and attractive. A carabiner hole is added for transport.

5 – Custom Leathercraft

Custom Leathercraft premium leather work gloves come with a reinforced palm and thumb. These leather work gloves are ideal for people engaged in light duty work that need dexterity with protection. The cowhide is split grain leather with reinforcements. This model is made for comfort and can be worn for long periods of time with no discomfort. A wing thumb gives added flexibility and dexterity. They also offer knuckle reinforcement to protect against bangs and bruises.

6 – The Mechanix

The Mechanix leather work gloves are popular for all applications of work. They are a hybrid glove with extra padding and reinforcement, as well as synthetics and plastic. The palm and fingers are leather. This model cost only $15 to $20 depending on the size and will be very long lasting and durable.


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