After Clash of Clans Boom Beach is New Sensation by Supercell!

After Clash of Clans Boom Beach is New Sensation by Supercell!

Boom Beach is the most recent game created by the Supercell. It came out after the achievement of Clash of Clans. Many battle game enthusiasts that are still engaged with Clash of Clans and here comes another blow attracting gamers to have more time.

Boom Beach is very much like the Clash of Clans. It imparts the shared traits from various perspectives in the event if we discuss the interface and progressive part of the game. It is allowed to play much the same as Clash of Clans and numerous different games that are presented by Supecell. However, the earning pattern of the company is as same as in other free online games and that is Virtual treasure or Diamonds.

From Clash of Clans to Boom Beach

The game begins in an arrangement of a lovely island where you or your colleagues dwell in a tranquil town that is encompassed by woods and shorelines until the Blackguard, a known adversary headed by lieutenant Hammerman, assaults your island.

When you are able to manage to develop your village, you need to continue scanning uncharted regions for more wood and gold that are the main two imperative assets you need to start your first mission. As you continue scanning, you may also discover different islands around that were caught by the Blackguard. Slaves that free from the imprisonment will grant you with gold assets in return in periodic manner. You have Gunboats to make you competent enough to shoot adversary defense buildings from a long distance. You have Landing Crafts to convey your troops.

The Criticism on Boom Beach is that it is low budget makeup attempt of Clash of Clans or flagship. Also the requirements to make acquisitions when you reach the certain level of the game become hard enough that no one is able to cope with. So this game needs some improvements.

In this way, there is scarcely any social choice works in this game i.e. no chatting option, not able to collaborate with teaming up with companions and so on. However, of course, we can anticipate that this will change within a brief span Boom Beach is still in its Beta Mode. In closing notes, I would like to suggest that it is still an attraction for any one who is addicted with strategic warfare games, especially those who spent a couple of years on Clash of Clans, will really love any other enhancements in this game.


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