Aluminum Fabrications

Aluminum Fabrications

Ever wonder where things are coming from. If you do not know, you must! From light post which illuminate your street to semiconductor which keeps your electronic goods working, there is some better chance that most of what you see daily be a result of aluminum fabrication.

For many years, aluminum is known for versatile and reliable metal that it comes from fabrication of almost everything from a simple architectural product to the complex components, parts and equipment. Industries like marine, architectural, hydro-electricity industries rely on the aluminum fabrication like precise formed sheets, propeller blades and the like.

Advantages of Aluminum

Aluminum fabrication takes benefits of this metal and various ways, making it a causal metal for unlimited applications, such as;

  • Naturally resistant to corrosion
  • Less labor work needed as compared to other metals, It allow great cost effectiveness
  • Easily joining of the component
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • Extremely reflective as well as can be polished to bright finish
  • Nearly unified when joined
  • Non-magnetic
  • Wide array of finishing choices
  • As temperature increases strength of the fabrications increase
  • Features high thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Resilient
  • Hardness and strength increased with adding other materials to its fabrication
  • It is 1/3rd of weight of steel
  • It has lower tooling cost
  • Complex patterns and shapes aren’t problem

Defining Aluminum Fabrication

Simply, it is construction of anything from raw material. But, that anything must be a metal or precisely cut turbine blade. When it is about aluminum fabrication, it isn’t just a scientific and precise process. It is an art also. Used much more than the products, however for art installments and architectural components alike. Aluminum fabrication involves;

  • Finest Plasma Cutting offers highest precision, sharper edges and low lead times.
  • Laser cut fabrication allow you to fabricate complex parts which need ultra-precise cut, while ensuring cost efficiency and fastest lead time.
  • CNC machine is used to produce closer tolerance and better fabrication with precise computerized machining
  • Metal forming includes rolling, bending, turning to a reliable shape aluminum fabricated parts into all sizes and shapes
  • No matter it means certified welder or modern robotic machines for welding, working with higher yields of aluminum fabrication in least amount of time, aluminum fabrication welding combines tried and tested technology with modern innovation.
  • And much more…

As if can be seen fabrication involve quite a lot. However it is good to know many things that you interact in your daily life involves aluminum fabrications.


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