An Earlier Look at Google Pixel 2

An Earlier Look at Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel came with quite a buzz at the time when it was launched in year 2016. It was highly promoted and laid its claims with advanced camera. Sales have been very steady however have posed no such real threat to the titans of industry such as Samsung Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone.

Some really believed that sales of this phone failed to challenge larger players because of design which was nothing exclusive and price instead larger at more than 600 dollars.

Yet many in the smart phone industry believe, attempt by Google to chip away at Android scope was good first step and have higher expectations which tech giant can release new, better version.

Specialists point to Apple and the upgrades and mishaps it has made with every single new mobile phone launch. They don’t expect anything less from Google.

What’s in to be expected? In the first place think waterproofing. This is turning into an industry standard, found in iPhone 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7. Most if not all believe the following variant of Pixel will be both dust and water resistant. The organization did not in incorporate it in its first model but rather it ought to be an element when “2nd” version will be launched.

Reports demonstrate Google needs to enhance the camera. Effectively one of the best smartphone cameras accessible, the organization might be centered on enhancing low light execution and including a couple of new features.

Pixel fans may need to pay more. As per a report at 9 to 5 Google the cost could be higher. Significant changes would need to be important to legitimize a best of the price tag of market.

On the other hand a similar report said Google is trying lower end Pixel gadgets also, maybe for a launch for nations outside North America. These would have less features and lower price. However it would be wisdom if a lower end gadget was offered in the U.S. empowering Google to cover more areas of the market.

When can we count of seeing the new version of smart phone by Pixel? Most if not all the people believe there will be something very soon, about one year after the release of the original version.

How Google plays release card can be interesting to see as new Apple iPhone X, New Smart phone by Galaxy, and LG, should all be ready for the market at the same time.


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