An Overview of Apple iPhone X and Samsung S8 Plus

An Overview of Apple iPhone X and Samsung S8 Plus

Apple iPhone X

It is yet another delight for the apple users from Apple. It signifies the celebration of tenth anniversary of the device.It has dimensions as 5.65 inches X 2.79 inches X 0.30 inches. It weighs 174 grams.

Samsung s8 Plus

Are you a Samsung Mobile user? Do you keep trying every latest version of the Samsung mobiles? Here is another most significant featured launch of the smart phone by Samsung providing you all the essential characteristics that a swift and best mobile can have, allowing you to work more conveniently.

Samsung falls next to the Apple phones on the smart phone list and being the second most famous company, it keeps combating with the demands customer needs, trying to their fullest to fulfil their needs via smart phone. And Samsung is a renowned brand, so there is no need for more of its introduction. Let’s talk about the hype that Samsung S8 Plus has created on the market. It has made its competitive high, to fight back to this enormously amazing launch of the Samsung.

Few basic features and the reasons that why should you buy Samsung S8 Plus in are elaborated here in this article. Hopefully this is going to assist you a lot in knowing about S8 Plus in.

The display of the front screen of the S8 Plus is 6.2 inches which is even wider that the previous version of S8 which was 5.8 inches. This display size is smaller even from the Samsung Note 7 which has 5.7 inches screen. The wide screen makes you able to do live streaming of the videos and movies directly from your android phone. The 2160 x 3840 pixels picture resolution even allows you to enjoy movies from your mobile phone. Also, you can work easily on the Microsoft Word documents on your android phone S8 Plus due to its wide display. The body of the mobile phone is really sleek and waterproof from both sides.

The body of the mobile is metallic and comes in various colours like gold, white, black and blue.

The S8 Plus has internal RAM of 4GB and 128 GB internal storage capability. So, now you can easily get your important data stored on your spacious smart phone and keep your important documents with yourself where ever you go.

The camera is of 16 MP on the front as well the back side. This facilitates you to capture photos and lock your memories just by a simple click. You don’t have to carry your camera separately on daily basis because the camera results of S8 Plus are quite impressive and miraculous.

Samsung S8 Plus in has 3000 mAh battery and can last all day long even with excessive usage of the phone.

The S8 Plus is OS android 7.0 and the internal mobile processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 that even enhances the performance of the mobile.

The built-in sensors in Samsung S8 Plus perform variety of distinguished functions in comparison to the previous mobile phone features. The iris scanning and the facial detection make the Samsung S8 Plus very remarkable in its performance.


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