Are There Homeowners Who Refuse To Pay Building Maintenance Fee?

Are There Homeowners Who Refuse To Pay Building Maintenance Fee?

If you are an active part of an owners association in a condominium or some other typed of a residential project, you might have to face a situation where the homeowners are not willing to pay their monthly fee. According to the homeowners, there are many reasons such as the following;

  • They perceive that their building is poorly managed.
  • They find the monthly fee to be overcharged.
  • They indicate that they do not live in their apartment or do not use all of the services.

Sometimes, it is simply too difficult to charge them, so let’s see why it is difficult to charge them. In effect, if you send a letter, they may respond with another letter and the matter becomes a rebound of the letters. Perhaps you may use social pressure and publish the names of the defaulters in a large display area on a wall and you will win a few enemies for sure. Or, perhaps for some, it is so simple to remove the meter from the water or close the water faucet to make them realize to pay their dues, but it is unconstitutional to deprive the access to drinking water and it is not the way.

What can be done?

Whether you are a building manager, part of the homeowners’ association, or a tired owner of such disorganization, you should know that you can do something to improve your building’s situation.

You live in an apartment that is an integral part of the apartments, which we call a building or condominium. That being so, you live in a home that the law classifies as horizontal property. Well, it means that the elevator does not belong to you alone as it belongs to all the homeowners of the building, just as you are not the sole owner of the yard or gardens and it belongs to all of the owners of the building. In short, the horizontal property is to exert right on part of the floor of one or more floors of a building.

The horizontal property serves to be entitled on two things which are as follows;

The exclusive areas such as your apartment, your garage, and the like.

Common areas such as the garden, elevator, passageways, hall, etc.

Imagine that there is homeowner of the first floor who refuses to pay some part of the fee and always ask to deduct the payment for elevator, because he considers that he does not use the service. Well many people may think that since he lives on the first floor, and he might be right. This is called partial delinquency, which was not amenable under the internal regulations of the building, or any other, unless modified. Fortunately, we can manage to settle the discussion with the help of expert owners association management Dubai companies.


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