Losing body weight is not that easy. It requires continuous determination and dedication. But if you are committed to lose weight, it may seem not so complicated.

Instead of taking a comprehensive approach, try to stick to a proper schedule of exercise and diet and make it a fundamental part of your daily routine.

Here are some best weight loss tips that actually work. Keep in mind that you need not all these at once because by doing so you will overload yourself and lose motivation. Pick some activities that you can manage initially and after you are comfortable with it, you can add some more to your routine.

  • Reduce Sugar Intake

Sugar when consumed within safe limits is ok but when it is consumed in higher amounts is not good for your health. A number of studies have shown that consuming more added sugars in your daily diet increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

  • Eat Fiber-rich Food

High fiber foods aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism rate and makes you full. Include fiber rich foods like Avocado, Spinach, Carrot, Oats, Raspberries, Broccoli etc

  • Drink More Water

The most simple and effective way to reduce calorie intake is to drink- more water. It helps to boost metabolism and aid in controlling your appetite. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily and you will see the difference.

  • Try Intermittent Fasting

Weight Loss Experts that intermittent fasting at regular intervals has an appreciable effect on our body’s fat burning process. Short-term fasting helps to promote fat burn and boost metabolism rate which aids in effective weight loss.

  • Lift Weights Daily

Lifting weights daily results in gaining lean muscle mass which can help to burn extra calories and lose weight. Combined with daily healthy diet, weight training help you to lose weight and gain lean muscle mass.

There are other numerous techniques that can help you with weight loss like making lifestyle changes, improving sleep quality, reducing stress to name a few more.

An Expert Personal Trainer can help you with both workout and diet plans to lose weight. They will help you with a clean and planned approach to achieve your fitness goals. Hire a Personal Trainer from FitsApp for Online LIVE sessions as well as for in-home personal training at cheaper prices.


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