Bissell 1400-7 Little Green Multi-Purpose Steam Carpet Cleaner Review

Bissell 1400-7 Little Green Multi-Purpose Steam Carpet Cleaner Review

Bissell 1400-7 is yet another great creation by the Bissell, the renowned brand in the industry. While it isn’t a very expensive vacuum, it is a very high quality vacuum. Even the cleaning solution that you must use with this vacuum is inexpensive and readily available at supermarkets, drugstores and even discount stores. Once you purchase the cleaning solution, you will find that it will last you for several months.

Whenever you take this vacuum home and remove it from its box, you will find that it is actually really easy to assemble. You will also find that this vacuum is very lightweight, weighing only about 10 pounds with an easy to carry handle. It is entirely made from plastic, which makes it very easy to wipe down whenever you need to do so. There are also two cleaning tools that come with this vacuum, which can be easily cleaned by running water over them. One is a tough stain tool and the other is a turbo brush. Both of them are easy to use and you can actually be ready to begin cleaning within just 30 seconds.

The standard tool is the tough stain tool. It is a brush that will scrub the area while sucking up dirty water at the same time. The other brush is a turbo brush that has a switch on it so that you can scrub the area first with the brush before turning on the suction to remove the dirty water.

Not only are there two cleaning brushes to choose from but there is also a spray trigger in which you can put up to 48 ounces of cleaning solution at one time (about enough to clean an entire sectional couch). It can then be used or stored there until you are ready to use it. The spray will be ready to use within just five or ten seconds. Once you spray this solution on the area that you wish to clean, you will find that it is easy to scrub the soiled area. You can even spray more solution on the area while you are cleaning it if you find this to be a somewhat difficult stain to remove.


This is a great vacuum carpet cleaner. It will get out stains that you may think are set there for life. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced, easy to use and it has become a household product that every consumer wish to purchase.


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