Common FAQs about Granite Sealers

Common FAQs about Granite Sealers

When sealing the granite you just get a granite product cleaner as well as a granite sealer that works as water and oil resistant. You have to clean the granite top until it is completely dry before applying the sealant. There are some sealants that can last for years so ask about the different sealers also before you purchase it. When you start applying the sealer, make sure you do it in small areas. This will make sure all of the granite will be covered and at the same time make sure you follow the recommended amount of time for it to dry before using the countertop.

Do granite countertops need to be sealed?

Even though some granite slabs are sealed at the factory, it is very important to apply a quality sealant after installation and again as the sealant degrades in order to protect your investment

How do the granite sealers work?

A sealer is an impregnator and it works by penetrating and chemically interacting through the surface pores of the stone. It creates an invisible barrier on the stone that will reduce the surface tension of the stone. By doing this, water and oils are less likely to penetrate the surface and therefore it helps to protect your surface from stains.

Why is it so important to protect natural stone?

Applying a proper sealer and cleaning with products specifically designed for natural stone will preserve the longevity of natural stone. Natural stone surfaces are porous, and therefore have an absorption factor that creates the possibility stains absorbing into the stone or deterioration over time. Properly sealed granite stone can greatly reduce these risks.

Do I need to seal my granite countertops?

Yes, you should for the reason that sealing your countertops helps you to protect and prolong the life of your stone. All granite and marble surfaces are naturally porous and if left unsealed, they can be easily damaged by everyday spills. Juices, wine, coffee, oils, and acidic substances can lead to stains, etching, or damage to your counters if you are not careful. They can potentially ruin your investment. Sealing does not make you surface absolutely stain proof but it will greatly reduce the chance of permanently staining, etching, or discoloring to you counters.

Sealing granite countertops is not that difficult. Often, homeowners do it by themselves. If you are with limited funds, you can always get the low priced but best in performance Stonetech Bulletproof Stone Sealer. It is more affordable and applying it is very easy. You can see more reviews here about low priced granite sealers.


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