Different Laboratory Equipment and the Known Brands

Different Laboratory Equipment and the Known Brands

1 – Glass Tubing

It is usually inserted into stoppers to attach the rubber tubing and glass tubing and can also be used to splice two pieces of the rubber tubing and this can be cut with a tubing cutter or with a file, shaped with a flame. This is very useful laboratory equipment that is used in laboratories very commonly. It is used to connect condensers, flasks, chambers and any other glassware that are usually used in distillation methods.

2 – Wash Bottles

A wash bottle is basically a plastic bottle that comes with a hypodermic at the top and it is used for rinsing beakers, disinfecting or to rinse any glassware. You can use these bottles to rinse anything by filling water or alcohol in it.

3 – Funnels

The funnels are very common and used in the laboratories as they are used to put liquids into containers like they are mostly used to pour the liquid in narrow mouth containers. These funnels are also used to filter the mixtures as a funnel comes up in a special two piece funnels that filters the mixtures through the use of a filter paper.

4 – Florence Flasks

Florence flasks are round and they provide the consistent heating and they are also used for boiling and heating the liquids. These flasks are used to store solutions or mix solutions as well. You can also use a Florence flasks to collect vapor in the distillation processes. This flask is available in flat bottoms and round bottoms and it is easily available on online shopping stores as well.

There might be many manufacturers and suppliers working with the laboratory equipment, but all of them cannot be considered as the reliable sources. It us very important to find the renowned and trustworthy brands when you need to but any piece of the laboratory equipment since the laboratory equipment cannot be replaced after every few months, therefore, the high quality and a known brand matter a lot in this regard.

You need to search for the available brands in the market. The best products for the laboratory equipment are those which can be guaranteed for functional efficiency, durability, quality and accuracy of the result of experiments. Instead of saving a few dollars, you must be wisely make the decision and select the best products from the best brands. Most common names that are known for giving the best reliable products include Beckman Coulter, Thermo Scientific, GenWay Biotech and GONOTEC.

Started working in a laboratory? Don’t know about the commonly used laboratory equipment? If you are here to know about the most common laboratory equipment, if yes, you are surely at the right place. Here in this article, we are going to tell about some of the most commonly used in the laboratories, so it will be easy for you to work. Read below to know.

1 – A Beaker Helps You To Mix

You have to perform different kinds of experiments and procedures in the lab, isn’t it? Mostly in every experiment there is some use of liquid chemicals, beakers? Yes, beakers are used to measure the quantity of a liquid as it is very important to measure the quantity of liquid. Beakers are used to measure the quantity of liquids, used to mix the chemicals, used to store and in many ways it is useful.

2 – Evaporating Dishes

The evaporating dishes are used to separate solids and water from a solution off into the air as it is the easy way to separate. Mostly this method is usually done by heating the evaporating dish over a burner as it will separate it in some time.

3 – Lab Burners

In laboratories, we do different kinds of reactions, procedures and experiments and in which we have to heat chemicals so that they will react and show some result, but how you will heat? Don’t need to worry as there are many heating burners in the laboratory. You can use Bunsen burner to heat your mixtures or you can use it for heating any of your experiments.

4 – Lab Stands

You need something to help while performing experiments and procedures, there are several lab stands used that helps to support you like tripods, heavy support stand, and wire stands used when you are performing experiments and procedure. Like the stands are much more multipurpose. These stands are very useful as they support you while you are performing any experiment, they hold tightly.

You need to know more about them as they will be useful for you in the laboratory. It is not necessary that you always buy new lab equipment as the used laboratory equipment is also available in the market at a reasonable price and the used laboratory equipment is also reliable. When you intend to buy the used lab equipment, you must check it for performance as precaution to avoid hassles afterwards.


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