Different Options for Hair Weave Styles

Different Options for Hair Weave Styles

When you go over some fashion websites, you will never run out of weave hair styles ideas. I am going to discuss some of them here such as bonded, cap weaves, human hair, sewn-in and clip-in styles, so let’s see the details.


You can use synthetic hair or human hair for hair weaves clip-in styles. It is perfect for you in case you want to disguise some areas on your head that are thinning. For some women, they use these weaves just to give some more volume on the crown.

Now there are choices for synthetic clip-ins. You either want a curly one, or straight, or wavy. For special events, you may want to add a ponytail to exude elegance. For longer pieces of weaves, try sweeping it up and pinning it close to the scalp. You can use the bobby pins for this.


This styling can make a dramatic effect on your hairstyle. Similar to the first style above, sewn-in weaves have different textures, color and width. The wefts of these weaves are sewn by the hand using a needle and a thread in braids. They are the ones to use if there is a need to change the color without using a dye.

One variation that you can do is using these weaves for spiky and short styles, bobs, tight curls and voluminous waves. The problem with them is that one needs a professional hairdresser to attach them, so it is more expensive than the clip-ins.


If you want short hairstyles, a bonded hair weave is the best artificial hair integration for you. The advantage is that it lasts longer than the other options. Now the difference is that they are glued individually to hair strands. Therefore, they are pricey with a price range that reaches up to thousands of dollars. But these hair add-ons really look natural and can be made to stay on your hair for six weeks. In addition, you can do more things with them to create frame around the face, add highlights to your hair or make layered arrangements.


They are wefts that are made to cling permanently to shower caps. They are usually used as wigs. If you want spiky effect on your hair, use this kind. The cap weaves can be bought in kits with around 25 pieces in a single kit. These are some of the most expensive weaves available.

Real Human Hair

They are really the most expensive of all and I think I do not have to explain why it is so expensive. They can easily be styled, washed, colored and cut. With real human hair weaves, you can have any and all of the styles mentioned above. If you have a thinning hair somewhere, using a human hair weave is the best solution, and again, there is no need to explain. There is no doubt that real human hair weaves are our best choice overall.

If you have got the money, it is alright if you buy all of them. Just be careful with using the more expensive ones. If you have got them, you can try having all of the weave hair styles that you can see on the internet and magazines.


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