Discover the Various Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Discover the Various Types of Truck Driving Jobs

Opportunities for truck drivers is showing a rosy picture now days. This industry cannot hire enough drivers. In spite of great recession truck driving companies have never ever stopped hiring truck drivers. Even felony can get this job. This market have always had great employment opportunities.

These truck drivers are always present on highways moving from one region to the other. Most companies rely on trucks for the purpose of deliver and pickup. No other transportation can help them deliver goods door to door. They can deliver each and everything from food items to automobiles.

Few truck drivers have usual runs transporting freight with in the same city. Others have to drive ad hoc runs as shipper request to change every day. There are different types of truck driving jobs and a few of them are as follows;

Driving Heavy or Tractor-Trailer Truck

Heavy and tractor trailer are the trucks that have the greater capacity i.e. more than 26,000 pounds of GVW or gross vehicle weight. These trailers can carry cars, loose material, heavy liquid material, and heavy packaged materials. Many different routes are actually city to city and they cover longer distances. Few companies use 2 drivers on such long delivery trips. One driver sleeps in a berth behind the main cab, while other continue to drive and vice versa. Trucks on sleeper runs usually stop only for food, fuel, loading or for unloading.

Delivery or Light Truck Driving Jobs

Light or delivery drivers drive vans or trucks with capacity that is less than 26,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight. They are used to pick up or deliver packages or products within the region or specific area. This can include shorter turnaround to deliver shipments to nearest cities, pickup other loaded vehicle and drive back to home very same day. Light service truck drivers usually load and/or unload product at customers or end users place of business.

Driver or Sales Truck Services

Few local truck driver are just for sales and customer service jobs. They deliver and/or sell products on defined routes within defined area. These truck driving jobs are much popular among women truck drivers.

CDL or Commercial driver License (CDL)

Drivers of trucks that are designed to carry up to 26,000 pounds (mostly bigger straight trucks) must obtain a license known as CDL or Commercial Driver License. This license is provided by the government of the state the driver is living in. In order to qualify for Commercial Driver license, you need to have a clean and clear past driving record. You also need to pass a written test that include knowledge of rules and regulations. You need to demonstrate that you can operate heavy truck with safety.


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