Do Facility Management Companies Really Help You Save Energy Costs?

Do Facility Management Companies Really Help You Save Energy Costs?

The consumption of energy is one of the key aspects for the majority of commercial as well as the institutional building proprietors in the date of today. But a lot of them overlook the vital facet of conserving the energy and continue paying the enormous for electrical expenses. Are you among such proprietors paying the gigantic energy bills that can be prevented with right knowledge and steps? If you have made your answer in positive, you have to start thinking about hiring the professional facility management companies.

The facility management companies utilize a diversity of the methods along with equipment in order to regulate the energy efficiency of the facility in no time. They put into practice the energy-efficient practices which are precise designed to cater the needs of your facility so as to conserve the amount and use of energy for improving coziness and security of the facility in question.

Energy Audits

The very first thing that the facility management companies do is the audit of the use and resources of energy. Their experts evaluate how much energy the facility is using and determine the practical measures in order to improve the efficiency of energy. To fulfill this purpose, they are required to take the energy audits at diverse levels and stages. Fundamentally, there are three levels know as level zero, one and two.

Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources

The facility management companies are well aware of the fact that the only audits are not sufficient enough to conserve the energy. Therefore, they suitably plan to incorporate the renewable energy resources so as to improve the energy performance. In general, the facility management companies make use of the systems of solar electric, wind turbine and geo-thermal. Some modifications are required before these systems of the renewable energy can be connected to utility grid.

Energy-Efficient Lights

They’ve more than a few choices to conserve the energy and one of them is the energy-efficient lights. With the help of modern technologies, the experts of facility management companies cut the lighting energy costs in a drastic manner.


The highly fruitful energy management systems make appropriate use of the HVAC systems, which allows these experts to reduce the use of energy by 25% to 50% without disturbing inhabitants’ comfort.

Programmable Thermostat

They install programmable thermostats for flexibility to override the program for shorter as well as longer times. The pre-defined settings enhance and reduce temperatures as per the occupancy times of the offices.


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