Do’s And Don’ts For Capturing Amazing Group Photo

 A photograph is a truckload of memories; it gets even more loaded when it is a group picture. Group pictures are given preference at times of union, and professionals cannot always capture special occasions and possibly. Still, a few steps can be taken before taking a group photo so that it looks beautiful and can be made memorable.

Taking a group picture does not always require a high-quality, specialized camera that can be well captured through a little consciousness and focus.

So let us now come straight to the Do’s and Don’t s so that you don’t have to wait here reading this article, and you can rush and take a group picture with perfection.


1. Landscape Is Better

While taking a group picture, one must prefer taking it in landscape mode rather than portrait. Group pictures, especially the one with more people, look better with everyone captured well along with the background, which is easily highlighted in the landscape mode. If you don’t prefer free pictures, then buying accessories like a wide-angle lens can be an excellent choice for you.

2. Every Smile Matters

Remember, all the faces must be focused so that everyone’s expression comes in the pictures so that years later, they have a beautiful view loaded with memories to cherish. A group picture gets its perfection by its clarity and the visibility of each one’s faces in the group. 

3. Background Is Special

Try not to hide the background and capture every bit of it because it is the backbone of a group picture and it’s memories. A union’s photos, farewell, and special functions must be captured, making an appropriate combination between the background and the foreground.

4. Because One-Shot Is Not Enough

While a group picture has people with many choices and many styles, one image is never enough, and one needs to take multiple attempts to avoid blur shots, the blink of an eye, and awkward expressions. This often happens while taking family photos while kids start moving in between, ruining the picture’s stability.

Before you take a group picture, alert the people and let them take their comfortable pose. Also, try taking shots before they pose to ensure the location, angle, and background. And yes! If you feel they lack somewhere or think that you can help them adopt a better pose according to the situation and the background, don’t stop, go ahead and help them out.

6. Candids Are Beautiful

Posing is standard, but the real happiness comes seeing you and your people making silly expressions and getting captured unnoticed. Try taking real and fake both candids as well. Try not to tell them before you take candid photos. Let them be in their natural pose to cherish, gossip, and even laugh at their random expressions later. 

Also, assist them in making a pose while you take candid, not so candid pictures because, in the era of social media, everyone wants to post their good pictures, natural candids might not show them beautiful. Still, fake candids definitely will, and hence, it can be displayed on social media.

7. Exceptions Are Everywhere

And if you are one of the group members, or we can say if you don’t have anyone to capture your group picture so rush to find a stable base and add a timer to the camera. Also, a tripod should be carried for unique instances like these.

8. Arrangement

A well-arranged group picture looks more attractive. Arrange the people according to their heights, and no face be hidden. Try maintaining asymmetry inside the image as well.


1. Set Them Free

Don’t impose your suggestions on them while telling them how to pose. Let them feel free and comfortable while posing. However, assisting the group in adopting a pose is a good practice, but do this only if they feel okay.

2. No Blurry Pictures

‌Try holding your breath at the moment you capture, as to avoid blurry images. If you don’t have a stable hand try using a tripod. Unstable and shaky hands can result in blurry images that are of no use. Also, you can find a stable base for the phone while taking group pictures.

3. Symmetry Is No Joke

Try taking symmetry seriously because it plays a vital role in highlighting the background and making the foreground even more beautiful. The headroom and the side room must be equally balanced with the position of the subject.

4. Light Is The Real Game

Try not to ignore the morning and decide the location with sufficient light and least shadow. Each person in the group must be visible. You can ensure this by using various apps available via TechyHost.


I’m done with almost all the important Dos and Don’ts of taking a group picture now you. Yes, you can go and take a group picture with great ease and high perfection.


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