Dugald Real Estate – An Inviting Opportunity for the Investors

Dugald Real Estate – An Inviting Opportunity for the Investors

Dugald was initially a small village which developed gradually. As time passed by, it greatly influenced when it was took over by the Dominion Government and the North West companies started surveying it and soon it was surrounded by well-built roads. One of the roads led straight to the Red River Settlement. Sunnyside is the former name given to this area which was later changed and it was given a new name as Dugald.

The change in name avoided the confusion with South Plympton. Dugald Gillespie was the name of a man who bought a small store. This store was located on this piece of land. After marrying Elizabeth Murray in the year 1876, a boarding house was built by both Mr. and Mrs. Gillespie in this area along with the store that they had bought. They also started to manage a post office.

History of Dugald

They had five children who loved their parents. With the passage of time, Mr. Dugald became famous and started a new trading service and a community gathering center. Soon after that, Dugald added a lumber yard, ice house and a cheese factory. It was the beginning of the golden time for Dugald. Later a slaughter house was also added along with a butcher shop. These developments were followed by many others. People started building shops of various sorts.

The Change

After some time, an electricity generating plant, telephone office and banks were also built. After that the development that took place in the interest of people in this area was the building of a community hall. Later a kitchen was also added to it.

Between 1905 and 1907, rail lines and a station were built. The arrival of the first train occurred in 1907 whereas the station was pulled to pieces in the year 1967. Constant developments brought happiness in the area. Many facilities were provided to the people, though there had been sad incidents too, especially when Dugald train disaster took place.


The population began to grow and schools for kids, hospitals and community centers were built for the upcoming events. These events were organized by the community members. Streets, houses and roads brought a real success in the town. The people started coming closer to each other due to the numerous events that were organized.

This is how it became a famous place of peace and harmony. It became a place where nice and friendly people lived with no discrimination regarding religion or race among them. The place developed quickly and it is still developing. The community center is working for the welfare of its people. It is also claimed to be one of the most beautiful place. The community has helped it to develop fast and has worked hard to preserve its natural beauty. Dugald is far away from the busy city. It is a calm place for people who like living together without any disputes or disagreements. Dugald Real estate is open having plenty of room for improvement and the development of the area.

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