Essential Indicators Of The Selection Of A Bathtub

Essential Indicators Of The Selection Of A Bathtub

Before going on to analyze the influence of the size of the bathroom in the choice of a bathtub, there is an important element that is worth reflecting well before making a definitive choice, the shower or bathtub, or perhaps both and the age of the inhabitants of the home. When it comes to a family with small children, it is often ideal to have a bathtub, so that you can give safe and pleasant baths to infants and children. At least five years since the birth of a new family member, the bathtub will be an ideal and very useful choice.

Let’s go to the opposite side of the age spectrum; when the people in the house are older people, a bathtub is directly discarded for the reason that it represents a security risk. In this case, the most recommended is a shower. In the middle, when the people who occupy the house or apartment are young adults, in many cases the sad reality prevails and work and lack of time compel us to opt daily for a quick shower, but to have a bathtub for taking a relaxing bath on the weekends should not be left completely aside.

Once the decision is made to install a bathtub and a shower simultaneously, there are two paths to take, the shower is part of the bath, or you have a bathtub and the shower independently. Both options have points for and against. Let’s first consider the advantages of the alternative shower with bath included. Well, it saves space and it is ideal to combine the characteristics that we have already listed that give on one side a bathtub and on the other, the shower. In that case, it is very important to choose a bathtub that despite the small size of the bathroom, is large and comfortable enough to take a bath nicely. In this sense, it is worth checking the different types of bathtubs that exist;

The classic or traditional bathtub built with a masonry wall is the first choice. In this case, we talk about the bathtub made of enameled steel, embedded against a wall or in a corner of the bathroom ‘dressed’ with tiles.

A bathtub made of acrylic is a bit more expensive, but it replenishes this small ‘but’ with many designs and different shapes, ideal for a bathroom in which the decoration is more modern, geometric or minimalist.

  • A Jacuzzi bathtub occupies a lot of space, but it is ideal if what you are looking for is a bathtub to relax and not for everyday hygiene.
  • A bathtub in the center of the room is another option but it is not suitable for small spaces, as it becomes a focal center of attention in the bathroom and can be a very interesting way to remodel and give a new life to the whole space.
  • Corner bathtub is a variation for the classic bathtub defined by its shape. An ‘L’ attached to a corner of the piece and on the opposite side, a curved line that closes the figure that makes up the bathtub. Unlike Jacuzzis and central bathtubs, an angle or corner bathtub is ideal for a small bathroom without enough space to place a larger or modern design.

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