Features and Recommendations for RC Rock Crawlers

Features and Recommendations for RC Rock Crawlers


If you are willing to buy one RC rock crawler for yourself, here I am giving you some tips that can help you in order to get the best one for yourself. Look for lesser cost, while delivering you power, battery life, build quality and most important durability. No matter if it is going to be your first one, you can always start with the lower in cost, and then keep buying ones according to the feature that attracts you the most.

Losi B0238t1 Micro

It looks exactly like a monster truck, with all those big tires and body, it is more than good looking. I love this one. The speed it has is great and the controlling is also very easy to. I have seen this specially featured by many websites these days, and at many sites this is totally sold out. So if you are looking to buy one for yourself I suggest you better find one right now. It does not give a lot of battery timing and that is the only drawback I found in it, otherwise it is small and easy to carry, while being very responsive and affordable.

Exceed RC MaxStone Rock Crawler

If you are looking for an RC rock crawler that is 1:10 in scale, I suggest you strongly to invest in this one. As it is not only cheaper than many other available in the market, but also delivers the best experience you want, so you get what you came for. It is meant for serious crawling, which means that you can use this on rocks and dirty tracks, and it will surely make you proud of your choice. It comes already with quality loaded gear that is great help for someone who is a newbie in using these crawlers.

Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer

The name of this RC rock crawler really stresses on the power it has and it comes in many different colors that give you a wide choice of selection. It has huge wheels that help it to run through different grounds just like butter, there is no noisy sounds that you will get through from this crawler. This is one of the best top line crawlers that you can get while staying in your desired budget. It has a metal body that delivers the best suspension.

Slickrock 1/18th Rock Buggy

This RC rock crawler is cheaper, good to control and comes in a position where you can do some changes and land it on the race ground to get best results. It offers you complete control while giving the best speed. Usually from the owners who have used it in the past have given this crawler a rating of 4 stars out of 5, so no need to say anything more.

Exceed RC Maxstone Rock Crawler

If you are looking for one crawler that is extremely affordable, this is your only choice. It can give you the best performance for sure. It will help you do some really serious rock crawling, and you can also use this on other extreme trails, from mud to extreme rocky ones you can trust on this one to give you the best response. It is bigger in size, which makes it even better for racing, it has a good body structure that is strong enough to be used 100 of times.

It is one of the most sought after things in the date of today; no doubt everyone loves high speed and good control when it comes to vehicles. And if you are like me, you surely love the RC crawlers, as there is nothing that you can deny about their importance. They are fast, good to control and are small sized versions of the life sized monster trucks. So this is a good option to get if you are not able to drive. Plus you can also call it as a hobby, where you can play with those little monster trucks and no one will be ever harmed.

So, if you are like me, you always love to add a new RC crawler in your collection as through that you are able to get the best experience and you can keep on enlarging your collection as the time passes. One of the most convenient ways in the date of today is to shop from online, where you are able to go through many different options, and keeping that ease in mind you can get the thing you want.

Here I am going to give you some tips that can help you in order to get the best crawler at the best price possible, so don’t wait and start reading these tips.

Choose a Model

After going through different choices in crawler models, you have to select one, and you can easily choose according to the positive reviews it has. As many people nowadays shop online, as like me, we are willing to make online shopping experience easier for other people. Here comes the job of the reviews as this is very helpful in the matter of making people understand why they should? Or should not buy the product.

Make Your Purchase

Keep in mind that many websites are offering sale up to 30% at different times of the year, and this can actually help you in the matter of saving money and investing in something else that can enhance your experience of enjoying the RC crawler race.

Now I am sure that you must be confused about which model you should buy and which model you should not buy, well, don’t worry as here I am giving you options for that also. Visit this website and see different RC rock crawler reviews on different models and you can find one suitable for yourself also.


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